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Dumpster Rental vs DIY Trash Hauling: Which is the Better Option for You?

 (modified Nov 10, 2023)

Have a lot of trash to remove from your property after a big project or cleanout? When it comes to junk removal, there are typically two options —renting a dumpster or hauling the trash to the landfill. If you’re trying to decide whether to order a dumpster or haul the waste yourself, check out these factors to help you decide.

How Much Trash Is Involved In Your Junk Removal Project

Junk removal projects can be messy. Depending on the amount of debris you’d like to trash, you might not have access to a vehicle that can support it. This is where a trash dumpster might come in handy since dumpster rental services usually offer multiple sizes to accommodate different loads.

Even if you do have a vehicle made for bearing weight, like a pickup truck, it may not fit all of the waste you have. For example, what might take two trucks to move could likely fit in a single 4-yard dumpster. Other comparable sizes include:

Unlike pickup trucks, dumpsters give you the option of space before you even get started.

dumpster size vs pickup loads

What Is The Most Common Dumpster Rental?

The most common dumpster sizes for residential projects are 15 and 20 cubic yards. The 15-yard dumpster is suitable for small home improvements and decluttering, and as mentioned above, can hold up to 5 pickup truck loads of debris. The 20-yard dumpster, which can carry larger loads, is also frequently used due to its cost-effectiveness and relatively small price increase for the additional capacity.

What Trash Are You Trying To Dispose Of?

The type of trash you are trying to dispose of will play a major role in helping to figure out the best way to get rid of it. Renting a trash dumpster is a great option for most of your household projects, but it isn’t always the best option.

If you’re in the process of gutting an outdated kitchen to modernize it, having a trash dumpster in your driveway to load up with old drywall, worn-out kitchen cabinets and that outdated countertop will make the project a lot smoother.

All of this debris from your junk removal project is readily acceptable at your local landfill.

A basement cleanout is another ideal project that you can use a dumpster for. For most of us, a cluttered basement is full of all kinds of junk we just can’t use anymore. If you’ve been living in your home for a decade or more, this basement cleanout can be a challenging project, but having a dumpster to use for waste removal can save a ton of time.

Trash hauling on your own may prove to be tricky. Instead of making dozens of trips to the local landfill, you can load everything up in your rented bin and have it removed for you.

As convenient as a dumpster is for most of your household projects, there are times when it isn’t the right solution. If you’re clearing out old mattresses, broken appliances or outdated electronics you can’t throw them out with the regular garbage.

These are specialized items so they may not be accepted at the landfill or they may have special disposal requirements. If they’re still usable you may want to consider donating them.

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Weigh Your Options On Trash Hauling?

There are many different reasons why you may need to get rid of a lot of trash. You might be cleaning out your cluttered garage, preparing for a big move, organizing an estate sale or taking on some major home renovations. Whatever your reasons may be, a trash dumpster is one of the most convenient ways of removing a lot of waste with a minimum amount of fuss.

When you compare how much it is to rent a trash dumpster to the cost of hiring a handyman or commercial junk removal service to take care of waste removal for you, it’s easy to see there are some cost savings involved, but that’s not the only reason to opt for your own dumpster.

We find many of our clients prefer renting a dumpster because they can load up all of their junk at their own pace. When you rent a junk removal service you have to adjust to their schedule - if you rent a trash dumpster you can work at your own pace and just call for removal whenever you’re ready.

If you own your own pick-up truck you could opt to use it for your waste removal project instead, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense if your project involves a lot of trash hauling.

Taking eight separate trips to the landfill will eat up a lot of free time and turn your project into a major headache. If you have that much trash to get rid of, renting a 20-yard dumpster just makes a lot more sense. It can save you tons of time and money when you compare it to trash hauling on your own or even hiring junk removal service.

To hire a junk removal service, 1-800 Got Junk is a great alternative to doing the work yourself.

Clean Dumpster on Driveway

How Much Does It Cost To Dump At A Local Landfill?

The cost to dump at a local landfill can vary widely depending on the type and amount of waste, as well as the location of the landfill. On average, in the United States, you can expect to pay between $40 and $60 per ton of waste. For smaller loads, fees might be calculated by volume, with costs ranging from $15 to $30 per cubic yard. Some landfills may also have a base fee of around $15 or more for small amounts of trash.

How You Get Rid Of Junk For Free

Did you know there are many ways to get rid of junk for free? For major renovation projects involving lots of construction debris, this isn’t really possible, but for smaller projects and one-off disposal items, you can often find a way to recycle your old junk without having to pay any money out of your own pocket.

For example, if you’re prepping your backyard for a new patio, you may be able to get rid of old concrete or dirt for free if you have a truck to haul it in.

There are always places looking for clean fill - just keep in mind it DOES need to be clean. You can’t mix that backyard dirt with other garbage if you want to find a place that will take it off your hands for free.

Old appliances and old kitchen cabinets are some other items you can usually find a home for that won’t cost you anything to get rid of. Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore will gladly take these old items from you if they’re in decent shape - in most cases, they’ll come right to your home to pick them up, which is definitely worth hiring their removal service.

There are plenty of options for getting rid of your old electronics and computers for free as well.

Rent Dumpster or Haul Trash to Landfill

Do You Need More Flexibility?

Whether you’d prefer to control every aspect of your cleaning project or simply don’t plan to do it all at once, trash hauling by yourself gives you some flexibility. You’ll choose when it’s time to move and when it’s time to take a break, no matter how long the junk removal process is.

The typical time period for a trash dumpster rental is about a week, which is usually plenty of time for many customers to dispose of their waste. Renting a dumpster also ensures that you don't have to take time to drop it off at a landfill; you simply throw it out and let the dumpster rental company do the rest.

Renting a dumpster certianly makes the junk removal process more convenient and less of a hassle.

Are You On A Time Restraint?

When trash hauling on your own, you'll probably end up making more than one trip to your local dumping station or landfill. You also have to be careful to go during operating hours, or you'll end up with waste still on your hands.

With the right dumpster, you can dispose of all your trash at once. But if your junk removal project is small, it may make sense to haul it yourself; if not, a trash dumpster could save you hours, even days, of work.

Instead of running back and forth, hauling trash to the landfill, Bin There Dump That can help save you time and handle the load. A third option would be to hire junk removal services to assist you with your project. As junk removal services don't afford you the benefit of working at your own pace, it may be worth considering renting a dumpster.

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Should You Rent A Dumpster, Haul Trash, or Hire a Junk Removal Service?

After reading all the different benefits both options have, you'll have to decide which the best option is for your trash removal project. If you still need help deciding on how to procede with your trash removal project, you can call our friendly and readily available Dumpster Consultants. They're always ready to answer any questions you may have (and they always answer the phone, or call back within 30 minutes!).

Your friendly local Dumpster Consultant will walk you through the rental process and ensure your dumpster is delivered to your property within 24 hours. Check out the dumpster size you'll need for your project, then contact us to rent a dumpster today.

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