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Fast and Affordable Ways to Get Rid of Concrete


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Give your driveway a facelift or build a stunning new back patio by getting rid of the dated, cracked concrete that's devaluing the beauty of your property. If you've noticed wide and deep cracks form and spread over the years or uneven slabs that aren't safe to walk on, getting rid of the concrete altogether is much more cost-effective than trying to restore it. Use this comprehensive guide to learn more about affordable concrete demolition and disposal options, including DIY instructions.

DIY Concrete Removal for Homeowners

Before beginning any at-home concrete removal project, be aware that heavy physical labor is needed to remove the material. It's not advisable to attempt to dispose of concrete in extreme heat or cold. To safely and properly remove concrete, the following supplies are required:

  • Protective equipment for the ears, head, and eyes
  • Bolt cutter (depending on the project)
  • Heavy-duty wheelbarrow or dumpster
  • Pry bar
  • Sledgehammer
  • Jackhammer (depending on the project)

To get started with the demolition process, understand that the thickness and structure of the concrete can affect the tools you need to complete the project. Most concrete patios and driveways aren't reinforced by rebar, which is a layer of steel beneath concrete structures used to support and protect it from extreme tension. To break up the concrete into small pieces that can be hauled away into a bin, a jackhammer is the most appropriate tool to use. If the concrete you're removing is advanced in age and damage and less than four inches thick, a sledgehammer can be used to break down the structure. Jackhammers typically aren't necessary unless the concrete is thicker than four inches, and bolt cutters are only needed if the slab is reinforced.

How Much Does Concrete Removal Cost?

Tips For Concrete Removal

If you're planning to sell your home and want to perform some heavy-duty renovations, you'll likely want to budget well ahead of your move. Fixr.com's calculator reported that the national average cost of hiring a contractor to remove 600 square feet of four-inch-thick sidewalk concrete is $1,840.

After breaking down the concrete in a heap and gathering it for disposal, it's important to understand how the content of your waste impacts the cost of discarding it. "Clean fill" materials describe construction waste that can be recycled and used for future projects. Waste described as "clean" refers to materials that have not been contaminated. Clean fill building materials include concrete, sand, rubble, brick, and soil. When hiring a disposal crew, the company may charge less for clean fill materials. If you plan to fill the bins yourself, use separate bins for each material you get rid of during the demo project. Metals, plastics, contaminated soil, cardboard, and glass are not considered clean fill materials.

Hire Professional Contractors

Manual labor isn't an option for everyone, and thankfully homeowners can enlist the support of qualified contractors to either demolish or remove their unwanted junk concrete. Find nearby concrete disposal services through local directories such as Angi or HomeAdvisor to compare pricing for contractors in your area. Companies typically provide quotes based on the square footage and thickness of the concrete. To perform a rough estimate, concrete typically costs $4 per square foot to remove; however, if the metal rebar layer needs to be cut and removed also, the price increases to about $6 per square foot.

Rent a Dumpster for Concrete Disposal

Uncomplicate long and exhausting DIY concrete demolition projects by renting a 4-yard dumpster from Bin There Dump That. If the contractor you've hired doesn't offer debris removal and points you to another expensive vendor, contact our team online to discuss pricing options for our 4-yard dumpsters, which are perfect for conveniently and affordably removing bulky leftover concrete. Locate a Bin There Dump That franchise near you to rent a 4-yard dumpster for your concrete removal project.

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