The Garage Makeover of Your Dreams With Storage Ideas To Organize Your Stuff

In this garage cleanout guide, we're giving you directions, step-by-step to help you transform your garage into that desirable, clutter-free workshop, mancave or salon you've always dreamed of having!

We'll start with steps to take for a successful garage cleanout and how to make money from it as well as providing garage storage ideas that will help you create a dynamic space for you and your family. By the end of this garage cleanout guide, you'll have the space of your dreams.

This guide will cover:

  • Your garage cleanout
  • Hosting a successful garage sale
  • The best garage storage ideas
  • Transforming your garage into your desired space

Let's dig in!

If you haven't been organizing your garage on a regular basis, you could be in for a big job. It can be overwhelming to tackle, and it's not always easy to get rid of all the years' worth of stuff that have been accumulating in there.

So we'll start off slow, let's start off with the 5 steps to a successful purge, these steps will be the "stepping stones" (haha, get it?) to having the ultimate garage cleanout. Here's a quick downloadable infographic that you can use for quick reference.

Garage Cleanout Infographic By Bin There Dump That

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This is the first step to giving your garage the ultimate cleanout. You'll need to clear out what you don't need and that means going through the steps of decluttering.

Garage Cleanout

Step One: Survey Your Garage

Unless you're getting someone to clean out your garage for you by hiring a garage cleanout service or professional garage cleaners, you'll need to start at surveying your garage.

In order to clear out what you don't need, you have to understand what you have. This may be the point of the garage cleanout where you truly get to know what's been hiding and where it's been.

This is when you get the full scope of your project. You'll know how much you have and probably have an idea of how much of that you would like to get rid for garage clear outs. This is the first logical step on how to declutter a garage.

Step Two: Make a Plan and Block out Dates

After you've surveyed your belongings in the garage, it's time for you to make a plan for the garage cleanout. Set a date for yourself and hold yourself to it. Block out a couple of days in your calendar and make sure you have nothing planned. It's important to block out more than one day because you don't know how long it will take for you to clean it all out. It's highly unlikely that you will go back to a half-cleaned garage. Save yourself the future stress and book those days like you're booking a vacation.

dumpster rental for garage cleanouts stat

Step Three: Use the Keep, Sell, Throw, Donate Method

The date has come and now it's time for your to say goodbye to some belongings. Your garage cleanout can't happen unless you make the space for the new and improved space. We're sure there are a few items in your garage that will be kept and others that are lost and forgotten, and ultimately turned into trash.

Use this opportunity to decide what you need going forward, as for what you don't need... they'll fall under one of the four categories: keep, sell, throw, or donate.


You’ll know what you want to keep as soon as you see it. To help you organize, get plastic bins to help you group similar items together. Only keep items that you know you will use in the next year. A good way to know if you should keep your items is to ask yourself a couple of questions, bear in mind that this only works if you answer truthfully.

  1. Have I used this item in the past year?
  2. Does this item need to be in the garage? Would it be better used in the shed? Or the basement?
  3. Is this a broken item that I was planning on fixing? Will I even fix it?
  4. Is this expired? (Check on old cleaning supplies or paint)

If the answer is leaning towards you throwing it out, don't hesitate! Only keep what you need.


If you have enough time for a garage sale and feel like you can make some extra cash out of your slightly used (or brand new) items, then you should store them in a plastic bin labelled sell. Garage sales are great to help the community reuse, recycle, and keep junk out of the landfill unless it really needs to be there.

If you don't know whether or not you can sell the items, ask yourself:

  1. Is it still in working condition?
  2. Would you pay for this if you saw it in a garage sale?

A great way to host a garage sale if you’re less on time is to host with a fellow neighbor or to take your garage sale items online on the Facebook marketplace or auction websites, like eBay.

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Donations During Garage Organization

If you don’t have enough time to host a garage sale but still want to help the community reuse, recycle, and keep junk out of the landfill then donating your items will be your next bet.

If you donate a certain amount, you’ll most likely be able to receive a tax break.

It’s also a great way to help non-profit organizations in your neighborhood stay afloat and offer clothing, appliances, and small furniture at a lower price point. Just make sure the furniture is in good condition.


This is where the dumpster rental comes in handy during a garage clean out. Immediately toss out those unwanted items in the dumpster. The walk-in, double door feature on our Bin There Dump That dumpster rentals make it easy to walk items in and out, especially the larger ones. For additional information on our dumpster rentals, take a look at our FAQ Page.

There are several items that can not go in a dumpster rental. If you have these items, check out how to dispose of them properly. This will be the fastest and most convenient method of garage junk removal.

You may want to hold off on a waste disposal solution until after your garage sale is complete. Lots of things in your garage don't have to be destined for a landfill. It just takes a bit of work to find them a new home, like hosting a garage sale.

Tips to Organize Your Garage

Garage Cleanout
 Tired of your messy garage? How often are you climbing over debris or tip-toeing around obstacles to retrieve something from the garage. This short video has some genius ideas to help you finally organize your garage, like:
  • Horizontal storage solutions
  • Making use of the roof
  • DIY pegboard
  • Creating a loft space for overhead garage storage

A Garage Sale Plan by Bin There Dump That

Your Garage Sale Plan

Organizing and holding a successful garage sale is more than just waking up early and compiling all of your old hidden treasures. You’ll need to attract buyers and that means you need to plan it well, keep it organized, sell only the best things and that will make you the most possible money.

We have 6 easy steps to follow when planning and hosting your own garage sale, follow them and you’ll host a successful one that the neighborhood will talk about for years to come.

6 Steps For Planning and Hosting a Garage Sale

  1. Cross your t's

  2. Pick the right time

  3. Advertise everywhere

  4. Place the best items upfront

  5. Keep related things together

  6. Continue to organize

Cross Your T's

Proper garage sale organization means covering your bases.

For instance, make sure there are no local rules against selling in your yard or on your driveway. Some neighborhoods don’t allow residents to hold garage sales at all, while many neighborhoods will host an ‘annual sale’ where everybody in the entire neighborhood can participate. Check with your local HOA to see what is and isn’t allowed.

While you're at it, this might be a good time to decide on how you'll want to price items. Get your cash box ready! If the goal is to get rid of them, just make sure you price items accordingly.

If you’ll need to organize your own neighborhood garage sale, Celebrate Everyday With Me has a great guide on how to pool together the neighborhood and host a garage sale that will definitely house treasures for someone else.

Pick The Right Time

Mark Your Calendars For Garage Organization

No one wants to browse and travel around the neighborhood during the heat of summer or frigid winter. Schedule your garage sale when the weather is pleasant and bearable, sometimes in late summer or spring.

If you have no other time other than during the heat of summer, you can schedule it in the early morning when all the early birds are out and searching for a great deal.

You’ll also have to keep in mind the day you schedule your garage sale - you’ll want to choose a popular day to ensure that people are able to go out and shop. The most popular days are obviously Saturday or Sunday when most people are off work. However, it may be different in your community, so you’ll probably have to survey the neighborhood to see what the best day will be. Choosing the right day will, in the end, be crucial for your garage cleanout.

Advertise Everywhere

The more eyes you have on your stuff, the more likely you’ll be able to sell. So, spread the word! Advertise your garage sale online on social media and around town. You want as many people as you can get to visit your garage sale.

Create a Facebook event, with the address and details. Share it with your friends, and ask them to share it with theirs on their social media.

You can also buy an ad in your local newspaper to get even more eyes on it. It’s a great way to quickly let people know around your neighborhood.

Lastly, the tried and true way, place sale signs at major intersections near your home and outside your neighborhood. This is an easy way to grab people’s attention while they’re en route somewhere. Maybe they’ll make a quick pit stop at your garage sale and snag a couple of deals.

On the day of, or the night before, it might be worth your while to draw attention to your home with colorful balloons. Make it easy for passersby to find you.

Place the Best Items Up Front

Work on your sales layout, this is really important because people will only stop and peek if they see something that they’re interested in. If they find something they’re interested in, they’ll stop and want to see all the items behind them. Make sure everything that needs price stickers has one.

Attract drivers and draw them in before they drive away. Make good first impressions - this is like a storefront even though it is just for one-two days, you’ll have to market it right.

Another great way to attract buyers is a bargain or free pile in the front! Everybody likes free stuff, so place a large enough sign next to the items that you’re willing to give away so people will stop and stay for a bit.

Knowing what your best deals are involves knowing how to price your items. The Non Consumer Advocate has a great pricing guide that will help you price accordingly. Mind where you keep your cash box so you can have a view of the layout as well. Having extra cash on hand also doesn't hurt.

Keep Related Things Together

Think of your garage sale as a real store. If you were in a department store, you wouldn’t find a stuffed animal in the kitchen aisle. Don’t mix it together, don’t confuse your potential customers! Make sure the price stickers are visible.

Create different areas for: toys, kitchen items, clothing, furniture, DVDs, books, etc. This will help people find what they’re looking for and be most likely to buy something because what they want is easier to find.

Continue to Organize

Just like regular stores during a Black Friday sale, you’ll see employees relentlessly trying to maintain the appearance of the store. This is exactly what you should do too.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but keep it organized. Keep it easy and simple for your customers to find what they like and what they want.

During the slower times, move more items forward and clear any empty spots! Make the space attractive to potential buyers because you can make a quick buck by doing so.

You’ll probably need helpers - and what better helpers than the little ones in your home. Ninja Mommers has great ways to involve your kids and the benefits of joining too!

After the Successful Garage Sale

Even after earning some extra cash, there are always the ugly ducklings that will be left over. Maybe some items were not in good condition, so instead of cramming them back in, it’s time to follow through with that toss step in your garage cleanout and get rid of whatever is left.

Throw the rest of your junk away along with your toss pile. This may be the best time for you to rent a dumpster so you don’t have to make too many trips to the landfill. Anything that’s too raggedy to donate, is probably best for a dumpster rental because you can put clothes, furniture, boxes and other non-hazardous items in the dumpster.

Garage Sale Guide

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Garage Storage Ideas by Bin There Dump That

Garage Storage Ideas

Does clutter seem to pile up no matter what you do? Limit yourself to a single junk drawer for the extra trinkets that seem to almost magically appear on a regular basis. Creating a weekly and monthly cleaning schedule can help you get and stay ahead of piling clutter throughout your home.

Set standards for your space so that you'll be able to more easily get rid of items during your garage cleanout that seem out of place and should be moved or discarded. This may seem obvious, but it's important to make a habit out of decluttering. Don't wait until the entire room becomes messy; practice daily decluttering to help keep your space neat and tidy.

There's no need to plan pricey additions to your house if you're feeling short on space—repurposing a room is an affordable way to finally get your new nursery, spare bedroom, or workspace without breaking the bank. Repurposing and decorating an unoccupied room is also a sustainable way to prepare your home for your growing family and will help your garage cleanout!

Once you have a rough idea of what you may be keeping, researching some organization and garage storage ideas will come in handy in the future. When organizing items in a garage you’ll want to think outside of the box in terms of garage storage.

Think Verticalpegboard organization in garage

If you’re planning on parking your car in the garage, you’ll want to use all the space you can but the floor. The floor is where your car is going to stay put. Think pegboards, rake clips, high shelves to store your items. Using your walls will make it easy for you to keep it organized because it will be easy to use and easy to put back.

A clean garage will be easier to maintain once everybody has a home. If you have the space in your garage without compromising the space for your car, invest in steel shelving racks. For the look, the sturdiness, and the durability. Steel racks take longer to set up but are best when storing a lot of heavy items as well.

Any larger items can be stored hanging on the ceilings. This won’t work if you don’t have enough clearance for your car but if your garage is large enough, take advantage of it!

If you’re in need of finding great containers and shelves, Fantabulosity has you covered! With her spread of accumulated garage storage and organization ideas - we can only hope that it gives you an idea of what kind of garage you want to create after you're through your garage cleanout!

For a Clean Look

If you’re not too fond of plastic bins and steel racks, then invest in custom garage cabinets. It’s the best way to guarantee a clean and sleek look for your garage that’s custom made for your space.

Once you’re done your decluttering process - this is when you’d ask for a quote of what you might be looking at paying to get custom garage cabinets because the less you store, the better it’ll be on the pockets.

If you’re ready to buy a couple items to help the organization of your garage, check out How To Get Organized At Home’s blog on the 15 best garage organization systems that money can buy! These organization systems will help your garage look its best and feel its best.

Label Everything

A few months after your garage cleanout, it will probably be close to impossible to find what you’re looking for in your newly organized garage. You’ll forget you organized it, you’ll forget where you put it, you’ll forget you actually threw it away. So, you’ll need to make sure you label all your new containers, drawers and cabinets so you know where everything is in the future.

If you’re the only one who organized the garage, it will also help fellow family members to find the items but also remember where to put them back.

Garage Makeover Ideas

Create a Loft

If you have the space, create a loft. Many homeowners create one in their garage to store their seasonal items and really helps a garage cleanout. If you can build one or know someone who can, this is a great way to maximize your storage space.

This space is best used and most often used to store seasonal items like Christmas lights and decorations that are left in a bin and stowed away. Any space under the loft can be used for storage as well.


Your kids can benefit from a garage cleanout too! Playrooms are perfect for growing families and the most powerful secret weapon for minimizing the spread of playtime messes throughout the house. For a personal touch, you could even build personalized toy boxes for each child. Whether you prefer to keep the decor minimalistic or want a bold and bright indoor playground, there are plenty of ways to get creative with storage. Wall cubbies, bookshelves, and labeled plastic bins are a few of the many easily customizable storage options suited for parents with young children.

When you’re storing things for your children - organize it in a manner that fits your plan but is still accessible to them. You’ll want to make sure they still have access to their stuff and not have access to anything that might harm them.

For example, their bikes shouldn’t be stored in an area that’s hard to reach. They might injure themselves taking it down or damage things around them in the process.

If you have quite the sporty family, then you’ll need sports equipment and you’ll need that organized. The Organized Mom has a great bungee stored ball system idea that you can do as well as 7 other garage organization ideas that will keep your garage spick and span.

Pet Palace

Pet Palace for Your garage makeover

If you find yourself always brushing away stray pet hair when guests come over to visit, consider gifting your furry friends with the spare room. You'll be able to contain spills from food bowls, have a designated space for litter boxes, and even a place to store all of your pet care supplies! And of course, the greatest benefit of all: fewer furballs meandering through your halls.

Dreamy Art Studio

Prevent your art supplies from overflowing in your bedroom by converting your garage into your very own brand new art studio. Escape the distracting noises in the home that can block your creativity by designing a secluded workspace in the comfort of your existing garage. Install trendy floating shelves, oversized mirrors, and adjust your lighting exactly how you like it to fully enjoy your cozy escape.

Struggling to move forward with your garage cleanout plans because you can't stay motivated? Envision any of these stellar makeovers you can get started on after all the clutter is cleared away. With so many design possibilities to choose from, you can effectively transform your old, cluttered garage, closet, or spare bedroom into a stunning new space for work, play, or relaxation.

Your New She Shed

If you share a space with a messy mechanic, you know what it's like to walk through a seemingly booby-trapped garage. After going full Marie Kondo and getting rid of unnecessary clutter, treat yourself to your own personal paradise. A garage cleanout is no small victory, and what better reward than transforming it into your new comfort zone? After decking it out with a flat-screen, new fridge, and footrest, you won't mind the tinkering of tools in the background.

Hiring Garage Cleaning Services

At times your garage will simply be too much work to tackle on your own. Maybe you don’t have the time or man-power to get the garage cleanout done and it’s been on your to do list for much too long. No need to fret, you can hire professionals that provide garage cleaning services! These professionals will provide the labor for sorting and organizing to make your garage cleanout a breeze. Many of them will even partner with charitable organizations like Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity to donate the junk they take during the garage cleanout. Hiring garage cleaning services will help you reclaim your space.

The End: Doesn't That Feel Better?

Don’t forget about the final touches to organize your garage! They are just as important as the garage cleanout itself! Once every item has a home - it will feel as it should, good, better, great. Use these garage cleanout ideas in and around the house, they are not just limited to the garage.

If you’d like more organization tips, we have a decluttering guide that will surely help you get on the right track to a more minimalist lifestyle.

Garage Makeover YT Video

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