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There are plenty of ways to remove trash from a property after a cleaning project, and many people’s first idea is to hire a junk removal business. At Bin There Dump That, we do things a little differently: our concept of junk removal is a more personalized, cost-effective process than what most other outlets offer. We aim to make removal as straightforward as possible for our customers with our dumpsters and a system designed for convenience.

Cost and Flexibility

Instead of waiting on junk removers to haul your waste, you can expedite the process with a residential-friendly bin from Bin There Dump That. We offer several sizes to accommodate a variety of projects, and since you choose the size and length of rental, you control how much you spend. You’ll find it’s also cost-effective since you pay “all-in” for the dumpster, pickup, and removal; with rentals lasting on average for a week, you decide the dumping pace for a similar price to hired help. We even offer same-day rentals if you want to get started immediately. Whether you’re cleaning the basement or performing a complete property overhaul, you’ll find a highly customized alternative to junk removal with our dumpsters.

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Which should you choose, junk removal or a dumpster rental? 

Degree of Control

You don’t have to deal with strangers coming in and out of your home or business when you rent the right dumpster from us. Let us deliver the dumpster, you load your waste, and do the removing and dumping for you. As soon as you’re satisfied with the amount you’ve thrown away, your work is done. Renting a dumpster is also the better option for common materials like construction debris, several kinds of furniture, yard waste, and more. Using a dumpster for junk removal gives you a more affordable, more controlled way to clear a property without having to haul it all to a landfill or dumping station on your own.

Bin There Dump That dumpster rental service

Why Choose a Dumpster?

If your dumping project is small, or you’d prefer not to do the work yourself, hiring a junk removal team could be a good choice. However, if you’re looking for maximum control for a fraction of the price, renting a dumpster is an alternative junk removal method that conforms to your budget and your schedule. If your finances or free time changes at any time, your local Bin There Dump That franchise is ready to help you find the best solution, not dictate when and how it happens.

Your junk removal project just got a lot less complicated. No matter how much waste you plan to trash, Bin There Dump That is here to help you every step of the way. Thanks to transparent pricing, flexible dumpster options, and a no-hassle process, the Bin There Dump That experience makes junk removal a painless procedure. Our services and high-quality customer service have earned us the title America’s Residential Friendly Dumpsters, and we strive to uphold that standard for every one of our clients. Contact us to rent a dumpster today.


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