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Don't Make These 6 Mistakes While Installing Your Kitchen Cabinets

 (modified Jul 13, 2023)

When renovating your kitchen space, you want it to be done as quickly as possible so that you are able to begin cooking and enjoying the space again. One major component of a kitchen renovation that you surely do not want to rush is cabinet installation.

Mistakes during the cabinet installation process can be easily avoided with careful planning and measuring, as well as a sharp attention to detail. The smallest of mistakes can lead to uneven cabinetry, an unsafe space, plumbing issues, and improper hardware.

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Below are 6 mistakes to be aware of before installing kitchen cabinetry that can be easily avoided!

Inaccurate Measurements

The best way to start the installation process is to measure nearly everything that is in the space and will be in the space. Measure the kitchen cabinets width and height, windows, trim, ceiling measurements, and appliances.

Inaccurate measurements can quickly create a domino effect of mistakes within the installation process, ultimately leading you to redoing everything. A 3D design (this one is free!) of the kitchen where you input all of these measurements and a professional creates the layout is a great way to take important measurements but also be able to envision the completed kitchen space.

Miscalculation of Ceiling Height

Miscalculating the right size and height of upper cabinets can easily cause problems. This mistake can lead to awkward gaps between the cabinets and ceiling, as well as an odd amount of space between the countertop and upper cabinets.

For high ceilings, standard-sized cabinets will look awkward, so opt for larger cabinets or crown molding. Calculating ceiling height and upper cabinet location can also depend on your own personal height, so keep that in mind as well when measuring.

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Appliance Measurements

If you happen to replace old appliances with new ones, it’s important that you get all of the measurements of every appliance before installing the cabinets. This will make sure that the appliances will fit flush with the cabinets and countertops. New appliances are much larger than old ones that may be in your kitchen, therefore you should consider getting the measurements from the manufacturer of the new appliances.

Inspection of Cabinetry Pre-Installation

When you first receive your cabinets, it’s important that you don’t waste any time to check them for any defects and that they are the correct size. By doing this, you can catch any potential issues and be able to have more time to return them and receive new cabinets.

Check the Hardware

After inspecting the cabinetry, avoid the mishap of not having the right hardware or right amount of hardware by checking them. Make sure you have the right amount of knobs, handles and pulls, as well as the hinges or any other hardware that is necessary for installation.

Plan for Electrical and Plumbing

Many people forget to make plans for the electrical wiring and plumbing before going into the cabinet installation phase. First figure out if you will plan on utilizing under-cabinet lighting, track or recessed lights. Allowing an electrician to come in to do these things before the cabinets get installed will make for a smoother process.

If cabinets are near pipes or drainage, incorrect installation could lead to leaks or pipe damage. Avoid potential problems by calling a local plumber who can assist in avoiding such potential issues.

Plumbing needs to be installed to accommodate appliances like dishwashers, trash compactors, and refrigerators, as well as sinks and faucets. Discuss with the plumber the best time to get the work done before or after the cabinets are in, and plan for additional plumbing work (like a garbage disposal) that is needed after they are installed.

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Wrong Color Spacers

Be sure that the cabinet spacers match the color and finish of the cabinets before installing them. If the cabinets are unfinished, you will need to stain extra slats of wood in varying sizes so they’ll be ready to go when you begin installation. Don’t wait until the last minute to check the spacers, and especially to stain them!

Unleveled Installation

Kitchen cabinets have to be leveled. This can be a fairly difficult task even for an experienced DIYer. If you have older walls and flooring, it can be problematic to get them accurately lined up in order to prevent future misalignment. Unleveled cabinets, even with the smallest of differences, can create an odd look that eyes will be immediately drawn to.

Cabinet Doors Swinging the Wrong Way

Ever had a really small thing create a very large annoyance? Cabinet doors without maintenance that swing the wrong way, even if it’s just one, can do just that. This mistake can be easily avoided by making sure that the doors won’t be interfering with anything else and efficiently using spacers.


Ways to Make the Process Easier

Order RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) Cabinets

By ordering RTA kitchen cabinets, the kitchen cabinets come pre-assembled and ready for installation. This process is much faster and cheaper than other options, and can be done by an experienced DIYer. Lily Ann Cabinets offers all styles of RTA cabinets that come with all of the necessary hardware and installation tools, making the process a breeze.

Make a Detailed Plan Beforehand

The most common theme throughout this blog has been to plan accordingly beforehand. It’s essential that all of the measurements have been checked over at least twice, and the plan for the design layout is created and matches up with the recorded measurements.

This may sound like a feat, but with services like a free 3D kitchen design tool, you can have more confidence in not only your entire plan but also the installation of everything. Nobody wants an informal design layout that ends up looking awkward or incomplete, so take the steps of planning beforehand in order to avoid that.

Hire a Trustworthy Professional

If DIYing your kitchen cabinet renovation or installation doesn’t sound like the right idea for you, consider hiring an experienced professional

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