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How to Dispose of Electronics Properly and Safely

 (modified Sep 10, 2021)

Many people have old or outdated electronics sitting around their homes and not being used, so it makes sense that they might wonder how to dispose of them. However, because of how electronics are made, it might not be as simple as throwing them in the trash. They often aren’t accepted by standard garbage collectors, and you might cause harm to the environment if you discard them incorrectly. Here are the best ways to get rid of electronics safely and properly.

Prepare for Disposal

In the case of personal electronics like computers and smartphones, you’ll want to remove as much personal data as possible from them before disposal. This way, you won’t be opening yourself and anyone who’s used them to data theft or breaches of privacy. The easiest way is to wipe the hard drives completely, and it shouldn’t take long to get them completely blank. Be sure to remove any batteries, as well, since they can contain the most hazardous materials.

Check for Local Collection

Depending on where you live, you may be able to leave your electronics in curbside bins or containers to be disposed of by your local garbage collectors or dumping services. However, because electronics are full of potentially toxic metals and materials, many places ban them from landfill deposits. These substances can leech into soil and pass into local water supplies, so electronic waste can quickly become a concern in many areas. Check the laws for your city or town before leaving anything on your curb.

Find a Hazardous Waste Center

If you can’t throw electronics away with the rest of the trash, try to find a hazardous waste facility that will accept them. There they’ll be disassembled safely without any risk to you or the surrounding area. This is a preferred option for those with small amounts of electronics, but you should be able to discuss larger disposals with staff members.

Consider Donation


Community programs, national organizations, and educational centers are just a few of the places that might take your electronics for a worthy cause. This mainly refers to electronics that aren’t too old and still work properly, but different programs will have different needs. Some accept more than others, so take care to determine what they’re looking for before trying to drop anything off. This way, you’ll make a difference while decluttering.

Try Recycling

You also have the option of recycling your old electronics, which is both environmentally friendly and a great way to put those parts to better use. There are a number of places and programs that can accept them, from retailer collections and trade-ins to local drop-off centers and municipal drives. Some locations also feature state-sanctioned pickups to encourage responsible recycling. Look into nearby electronics businesses, charities, and regional sites to see what your options are.

Sell Them

You won’t need to know how to dispose of electronics immediately if you can simply sell them. Assuming they’re in good shape, or parts of them are still viable, you may be able to find others who’ll take them off your hands for a fair price. Explore marketplace websites and social media outlets to get started on the process.

If you’re tired of your old electronic devices taking up space in your home or on your property, you have plenty of options for sending them somewhere else safely. While we at Bin There Dump That don’t accept electronic waste in our dumpsters, we’d be happy to help you figure out the best and most convenient ways to remove it. Contact your local Bin there Dump That Dumpster Consultant to discuss your options, and once you’re prepared, dispose of electronics responsibly.

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