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5 Steps for a SUCCESSFUL Basement Cleanout

 (modified Aug 4, 2022)

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Do you dread going to the basement because it’s just piles of clutter and junk? It might be time for a basement cleanout! To be honest, a basement cleanout may look like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. A successful basement cleanout is simply emptying your basement by moving junk you don’t need to free up some space.

Here are 5 tips that will help you turn your cluttered, junk room basement into an organized, usable space you’ll absolutely love.

1. Set a day

A basement cleanout won’t happen in one day. Schedule a weekend to give yourself enough time to go through everything. Basements are filled with random items, seasonal items, items that hold memory so you don’t want to rush the process or you might be left with a bigger mess than you started with.

2. Think of ideas

Think of ideas for your empty basement? Is it to have a craft room? Playroom for the kids? At-home gym? While you’re purging and organizing items it’s important to keep your goal outcome in mind as it may affect what you keep and how it’s stored.

3. Plan of Action

Creating a plan of action will help you stay on a clear path towards your basement cleanout end goal. Start with the following

Decide what organization methods you want to use. Plastic bins are great for storage.

Some homeowners prefer to have clear bins where they can easily see what is being stored in each bin. Other homeowners prefer to have opaque plastic bins with labels as it fits their basement aesthetic more.

Does your end goal include different spaces within your basement? Maybe a kid’s playroom and a home gym? Shelving can help with storage as well as separate those areas.

Renting a dumpster will take some hassle out of the cleaning experience. A large pile of trash in your basement during your purge will make you feel like you’re not getting anywhere although watching the junk in your dumpster rental pile up will not only give you satisfaction but further motivate you during your project.

An empty basement

4. Basement Cleanout Time

While your motivation is high, tackle the area you are dreading the most. Ensure that you have designated areas or containers as keep, sell/donate and toss. If you know there are items especially the larger ones that you want to get rid of, get the junk out right away and into the dumpster rental. For a basement cleanout, we recommend using the 2-year rule. If you forgot you had it or have not used it in 2 years, it’s time to toss it or donate it.

5. The Aftermath

Once the junk is removed and your dumpster rental has left your driveway, don’t think that your basement cleanout is over. Stay motivated in your dream basement and put together all the items you want to sell/donate. Remember that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Host a garage sale, post on social media buy/sell groups or look for curbside pickup in your neighborhood. Now that your basement is left with only the items you want to keep it will be so much easier to sort through and properly organize your items in the storage method of your choice.

After this process, you’ll notice how much you’ll love going down to the basement and it will no longer be a dreadful walk down the stairs.

Basement Cleanout Services

If you find the clutter is stressing you out and you're constantly pushing this task further down your agenda while it remains at the top of your priority list, it might be wise to higher professionals to help. You’ll find a number of professionals in your area that provide basement cleaning services. This means the job will finally get done with less of a headache for you! Let the professionals take the reins and reclaim your space.

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