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5 Reasons Why Renting a Dumpster Will Help You Sell Your House

 (modified Jan 20, 2023)

One of the most stressful life events a person can go through is moving. Not only do you have to worry about the logistics, packing and finding a new place to live, but you also have to sell your current home.

To make that process easier and quicker, here are five ways you can use a dumpster rental to sell your home.

Declutter Your Home

decluttering your home is the first step to good stagingOne of the most important things you can do when selling your home is throw out all of the junk.

Buyers will want to see every inch of your home, so clean out cabinets, closets and countertops before they come. Instead of putting all of the unwanted items in dozens of garbage bags, you can just put them in your dumpster rental.

You can also throw out larger items like old appliances and furniture. So if you have a dryer that no longer works taking up space in your garage or a couch you don't plan on taking to your new home, you can carry them straight into the roll-off dumpster and get them out of the way.

Have the dumpster operator leave the bin in a convenient location to make decluttering your home easier. The dumpster can go in your yard or driveway, but keep it off of places like sloped areas, city streets, other people's property and soft ground.

Home Renovations

The better your house looks on the inside, the higher its property value will be.

To make your home look its best, spruce it up with improvement projects.

One of the best ways to update a space is with paint. Touch up any scuffs on walls, and paint over loud colors with something more neutral. While changing the wall's color may seem like a simple thing the new homeowner could do, sometimes it's hard for them to see past a bright-colored room — which could hinder a sale.

You can also create an open floor plan by tearing down non-essential walls. All of the scraps can go in your dumpster rental.

If your home is a little outdated, bring it to the 21st Century by replacing gold fixtures — like handles, nobs and hanging lights — with silver ones. You can also replace or paint cabinets and then put the old materials in the dumpster.

Another cost-efficient way to improve your home is by cleaning or waxing your floors. That will help them look newer, get rid of smells and impress prospects.

The Importance Of Staging

You want your home to be attractive and welcoming to potential buyers, and one way to do that is by staging rooms.

The average seller makes 6 to 20 percent more if they stage their home, according to Stagedhomes.com. The site also found home staging could reduce a listing's time on the market by one-third to one-half.

The real purpose of staging is to create an experience from the minute buyers walk in the door. They need to be able to imagine living there.

Do that by highlighting your home's strengths and downplaying its weaknesses. It can be as simple as adding new comforters, pillows, mirrors, candles or centerpieces.

You can also throw out unsightly furniture or material scraps you have in the backyard.

First Impressions Start Outside

You can also increase your home's value by renovating the outside with much needed landscape projects and maintenance.

The outside of your home is the first thing buyers see, so make sure your home has some curb appeal. Remove weeds from flower beds, lay fresh mulch or pine straw, plant colorful foliage and pressure wash hard surfaces. Be sure to keep your lawn maintained, as well.

You can put all of your unwanted plant and landscape materials in a dumpster rental.

After You Move

Don't forget to rent a dumpster for your new house when you move.

You'll have stacks of boxes to throw out. Plus, your new home or yard might need some renovations of its own, so you'll need a place to put all of those materials.

The dumpster can hold things like carpet, furniture, sheetrock, concrete, bricks, plants, topsoil and more. Just be sure not to put hazardous materials like leftover paint, chemicals or tires in the bin.

If you're moving locally, you can have the dumpster operator take the bin you used at your old home to your new one. There will be a moving or “hook” fee to transport the bin, which normally ranges from $50 to $100, depending on the location.

The operator will cover the dumpster when they move it, preventing your items from flying out. They will also place boards under the roll-off dumpster, so you don't have to worry about it damaging your new space.

So before you move, find a local franchise to reserve your dumpster rental today. And for everything you need to know about renting a dumpster, click on the free eBook below.

Find out EVERYTHING you need to know about renting a dumpster bin.

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