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Top 5 Winter Home Improvement Projects For Instant Impact

 (modified Aug 9, 2022)

In my opinion, winter can be the best time of the year to really get things done — on the inside of your home.

Thanks to snow on the ground and chilly temperatures in the air, winter does a nice job putting our outdoor distractions — yard work, washing the car, golf — on hold for a few months.

So why not spend that time stuck in your house working on your house? Feel productive this winter, instead of trapped. Here are my five favorite winter home improvement projects that will immediately enhance the look and feel of your home — without breaking the bank or your back.

Add Flash With A Kitchen Backsplash

If you want to give your kitchen a completely new look, but don’t have the budget or the energy to completely remodel it, paint your cabinets. You know the instant impact a fresh coat of paint can have.

If you want to take it a step further, add a customized tile backsplash. Backsplashes have become the perfect kitchen accessory, and are excellent at emphasizing countertops and appliances. Bold tile work can also add texture and a bit of flashiness to an otherwise dull kitchen setting.

Improve Your Entrances — Doors, Trim And Crown Molding

From closets to bathrooms, another “easy” and effective alternative to an expensive remodel is a simple replacement of doors and their trim throughout your home. Take a closer look at the doors you currently have. There’s a good chance you’ll find scratches, outdated hardware, retro styling, etc. The same can be said for replacing crown molding at the top of your walls.

Today, new doors are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors, making it easier to add interest and a more modern look to the interior of your home. Hardware options for doors — hinges, hooks and door knobs — are also in ample supply. Some hardware finishes like aged bronze and brushed nickel can give any door that Restoration Hardware look with just a couple turns of the screw.

Look Down. Does Your Flooring Need A Facelift?

Speaking of options in ample supply, when was the last time you visited the flooring or carpeting section of your local home improvement store? From wood to carpet and laminate to marble, there are so many different directions you can go if you aren’t happy with the look of the floors in your home.

If replacing or adding wood flooring is something you have in mind, then you’ll want to know that the drier winter air will helps speed up the drying time for any adhesive you may use in the process.

Or maybe a cold wood floor makes you shiver just thinking about it. If it’s comfort you’re looking to add, new carpeting can be just the solution for those early morning walks to the bathroom.

Improve Your Mood — Paint Indoors

As I mentioned earlier, a fresh coat of paint can give anything in your home a new, updated look. And now that

many of today’s paints are more eco-friendly and water-based or synthetic, painting inside in the winter is much safer than ever before.

I think painting’s a great winter home improvement project because you can really pace yourself throughout the winter, especially if you’re looking to paint more than one room. To keep yourself from getting overwhelmed, try painting a wall a day, or one room per week.

Turning a drab den into a bright guest room can provide some great visual stimulation in the dead of winter. Again, winter’s dryness will help your paint dry faster than at any other time of year.

Start At The Top — Insulate and Declutter Your Attic

When was the last time you gave your attic some attention? Take the time this winter to kill two birds with one stone by insulating and decluttering your attic. Whether you need to increase insulation or replace it, new insulation in your attic can help keep heating costs down. Remember, heat rises. While you’re at it, be sure to caulk and seal off any leaks around windows and door frames.

If you happen to use your attic as an area for storage, take some time to assess anything you’ve packed away up there. Should it stay or should it go? What can you live without? Get a jump on spring cleaning by decluttering your attic now.

Schedule A Dumpster Rental Today And Make This A Productive Winter

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For even more home improvement inspiration, check out our recent blog post on our favorite remodeling and renovation websites.

Images: Painters, Kitchen backsplash

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