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Can I Use My Dumpster Rental for Spring Landscaping Projects?

 (modified Aug 9, 2022)

The thing we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: Spring. As temperatures continue to rise, so will the urge to get outdoors.

Spring is the perfect time to work on a variety of landscape projects, like trimming bushes, pulling dead foliage and renovating your patio area. And with your hard work will come piles of scraps and debris. Those lawn bags can only hold so much and it’s all gotta go somewhere.

But can you put those in your dumpster rental?

What To Put In Your Dumpster

Yes, you can put yard waste in a dumpster.

Unless you’re dealing with hazardous or dangerous material, you can put your yard scraps into the bin.

So, you can throw out your brush, topsoil, plant material, gravel, bricks, concrete and other landscape items. Before renting a dumpster, you might want to walk through your yard to see what all needs to go, which will also help you figure out what size bin you need for the job.

Bin There Dump That 4- and 6-yard bins are ideal for landscaping jobs. Keep in mind: trucks won’t lift bins larger than the 10-yard size if they are filled with soil.

Keep It Close To Your Work

If you’re trimming bushes or trees near the driveway, the driver dropping off your residentially-friendly bin should be able to put it right there.

When renting a bin for more than 24 hours, you’ll want to keep it off of city streets. If you want to leave the bin on the streets longer than that, you’ll need a permit from your local city hall.

The Bin There Dump That operator can pretty much place the dumpster wherever you’d like on your property. So, you can save your energy for the project at hand, instead of walking a long way to throw out each item.

They will also put wood underneath the dumpster so it won’t touch or damage your driveway. For yard projects, you can have them leave the bin on the grass — and they’ll also put the wood under them there. Just make sure the spot isn’t sloped or on soft ground.

Landscape Project Ideas

When you decide it’s time to spruce up your yard and add some curb appeal and privacy to your house, take some time to come up with project ideas and prep the site.

Start by clearing the lawn and flower beds of any limbs, leaves or debris — all of which can all go into your dumpster rental. With a clean palette to work with, the sky’s the limit with what you can create with your landscape.

You can add pops of color with flowers, shrubs and trees. Check with your local nursery to see which plants thrive in your area. Also, ask how much maintenance the plants will require and how large they will grow to see if they work for you and your space.

In addition to planting foliage, you can also install hardscape features like simple decks or paths. A pebble walkway, firepit or patio area can really up your yard’s “wow” factor. For larger projects, consider contacting a professional landscaper.

Need ideas? Sites like Houzz have stunning landscape photos on landscape lighting, fire pits, patio, pool, porch, deck, grill and backyard play projects.

What’s Next?

No matter what type of project you decide on, you can put all of your discarded yard waste in the dumpster rental. The only thing that will hold you back is your own creativity. So go ahead and tackle that overgrown backyard this weekend.

When you’ve decided on what spring renovations you want to make to your landscape, schedule a time for Bin There Dump That to deliver a dumpster. Find a franchise operator near you.

Images: Two guys and a wheel barrow, Overgrown backyard

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