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Home Renovation Websites – Our Top 10 Picks For Your Next Project

 (modified Oct 18, 2023)

You've got big plans for your home. Plans to turn that nursery back into a guest room or finally finish the basement – think of all that rec room potential. No matter the size of the project, it always helps to get a little free help and inspiration to get the ball rolling.

Enter the Internet.

Interested in knocking down the dining room wall to open up the kitchen? Or how about turning your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary? There’s a website for that. Ready to turn that third floor attic into a home office? There’s a blog for that. From before-and-after photos to how-to videos, home renovation websites are abundant, but where do you start?

Top 10 Home Renovation Websites

Find Help And Inspiration Through These Home Renovation Websites

Let us help. We compiled a list of our 10 favorite, most useful home renovation websites to help see you through each and every household project – from start to finish. Here they are in no particular order.

DIY Network – www.diynetwork.com

Beginner tips, realistic projects and detailed plans abound on this site, making it perfect for the do-it-yourselfer at any level. It offers step-by-step instructions for thousands of home renovation projects. Also check out DIY Network’s blog Made + Remade, which focuses on quick and clever craft ideas.

Houzz – www.houzz.com

If you want to be at the crosshairs of beautiful home design photos (by the millions), design and construction professionals, and homeowners like you, then Houzz is the place. It also features product recommendations and a very interactive user forum.


Remodaholic – www.remodelaholic.com

Remodeling on a budget? This DIY couple sets their budget at $5,000 – for an entire house! Their motto: “Reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose, remodel.” You can follow Justin and Cassity as they begin work on their third house.

Remodelista – www.remodelista.com

From Melbourne to Barcelona to Brooklyn, this polished, high-end site covers the globe spotlighting modern and rustic to minimalist design ideas for every room in the house.

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It’s Great To Be Home – www.itsgreattobehome.net

When this blog began, Liz was a newly married lawyer who just wrapped up the renovation of her first single family home. Nine flips and two rentals later, this “serial home improver” is showing no signs of slowing down. The last time I checked, kitchen cabinets were just installed and a family room addition was getting bricked in.

This Old House – www.thisoldhouse.com

Do you have an old house? Well, you’ve come to the right place. A name synonymous with home renovation since it first aired as a television show on PBS in 1979, This Old House’s website maintains its reputation as a trusted source for all things home improvement.

This Old House

IKEA Hackers – www.ikeahackers.net

Ikea Hackers is about modifying and repurposing products from this ready-to-assemble furniture brand. Some hacks require a simple embellishment, while others need some imagination and a few power tools. Unlike IKEA’s assembly instructions, this site is a lot of fun.

Newly Woodwards – www.newlywoodwards.com

If you are interested in buying and renovating foreclosures, then Newly Woodwards is worth a visit. After completely overhauling their first two homes – both foreclosures – this young Illinois family purchased 17 acres of land out in the country and are currently renovating a barn on the property that also serves as their home.

Pinterest – www.pinterest.com

It would be a complete oversight if we didn’t mention Pinterest. Pinterest is a web application that’s all about sharing and collecting visual bookmarks. It’s a digital version of your bulletin board, but it’s covered in all of your favorite things. Pinterest is also a great resource for home renovation tips and ideas. You can also use it to organize and plan your projects. Disclaimer: It’s addicting.

Apartment Therapy – www.apartmenttherapy.com

Don’t let the name fool you. Apartment Therapy has something for everyone: small space tips, before and after transformations, eclectic home tours, wallet-friendly kitchen renovations and so much more. They even provide wonderful home renovation tips and techniques that are renter friendly.

Apartment Therapy

6 Honorable Mentions

With so many fantastic home renovation websites online, there were a few that we couldn't leave out. For those, we'll include them below, in their own honorable mentions section for you to check out, in no particular order:

Home renovation websites Honorable Mentions

Centsational Style - www.centsationalstyle.com

Kate, owner of Centsational Style, describes herself as a renovator and decorator, and it shows! You can find home renovation ideas under her Projects page, and sift through different design options under her Style Files. Her website even comes with a travel section for that added inspiration benefit!

Reveal Homestyle - www.revealhomestyle.com

This website provides a diverse amount of tips for all your home renovation needs. From AC repair to bathroom vanities, to even outdoor landscaping. Showing that with the right tools, you can get any project done. You're bound to find quite a few gems on Reveal Homestyle.

Bless'er House - www.blesserhouse.com

Renovation before and after

Robert and Lauren are DIY-loving duo, as described on their website, who love to make beautiful living space transformations. Bless'er Home is filled with elegant and stylish ideas for dining rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, office spaces and more!

Wilker Do's - www.wilkerdos.com

A person of many talents, April uses skills in wood working and metal working to create incredible DIY projects to breathe new life into homes. Sharing these ideas, April skillfully showcases all the wonderful ways you can renovate your home.

Homes Cute - www.homescute.com

From outdoor renovations to indoor renovations and everything in between, Homes Cute shares ideas and DIY projects that homeowners can follow to upgrade their living spaces. The website has a number of installation guides that make it easy to start your home renovation project.

EcoHome.co - www.ecohome.co

EcoHome.co is dedicated to making the process of home improvement seamless and efficient for both homeowners and contractors. If you're passionate about sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and helping people find the right professionals for their projects, EcoHome.co is a great place to start your renovation journey

Getting Started

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