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7 Ideas on How to Remodel Your Bedroom to Create a Sanctuary You Will Adore

 (modified Jan 23, 2023)

We spend a ton of time in our bedrooms so it only makes sense to make it comfy and cozy. If you go to sleep every night in a cluttered room it can be a bit depressing. That’s why sprucing up your bedroom is so important. You don’t want to fall asleep and wake up in a room that puts you in a bad mood every time. So if you've decided it’s time for a change, here are our 7 ideas to use when remodeling your bedroom.

1. Organize Your Thoughts for Your Bedroom Remodel Ideas

It’s always best to start with a plan before any kind of remodel or renovation work around the home. Think about what you’d like your new and improved bedroom to look like and how you’d go about making that happen. Perhaps you want a new wall or curtain, or maybe you've been thinking of upgrading to a king size bed. You’ll want to consider everything from the flooring to the paint on the walls.

Where Should the Bed Go in a Bedroom?

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is where should your bed go? It’s the centerpiece of any bedroom and where you place it can affect your mood and satisfaction with the outcome of your remodel.

Do you like fresh air while you sleep? You may want to consider placing the bed under the window. If you prefer to stay far away from drafts, you may prefer your bed as far away from the window as possible. Deciding where that bed will go is a big step in a successful bedroom makeover.

Positioning the bed in a bedroom

2. Start By Decluttering Before Your Bedroom Remodel

It’s hard to work on a bedroom makeover if you can’t see the floor. It’s a common problem in bedrooms because we spend so much time in them. We sleep there, we read there, we get dressed in them and some bedrooms double as home offices as well.

The creeping clutter usually happens over time and it can be overwhelming. If you have some unnecessary furniture in the bedroom you might want to clear that out as part of your decluttering process as well. It’s best to start your remodel with a clean and organized room.

3. Set Your Budget for the Remodeled Bedroom

Remodeling a bedroom is usually one of the more affordable home projects you can take on. Breathing new life into these rooms can be as simple as rearranging the furniture and buying a new set of blinds.

How Can I Renovate My Bedroom Cheaply?

If you’re looking for a cheap bedroom remodel idea that won’t break the bank you can do wonders with a little creativity. Perhaps you have some furniture sitting unused in the attic that would be a perfect addition to your bedroom. Using items you already own to remodel your bedroom is a great way to change things up on a tight budget.

Another possibility that won’t cost a thing is removing unused shelving or furniture. Perhaps you have a closet organizer with built in shelving that really just makes your closet look cramped. If you don’t use it, why not remove it and open things up? It’s a simple renovation that will only cost you some time.

Budgeting a bedroom remodel

4. Focus on How You Can Make Your Home More Appealing With a Bedroom Remodel

While you should consider the practical aspects of your bedroom remodel, it’s also important to think about how it will help to make your home more appealing. You may want to think about making your bedroom fit with the common theme in your home if you have one. It will look a little odd if you’ve chosen a modern theme for your home and your bedroom looks more like a 50’s retro throwback.

How Can I Make My Bedroom More Attractive?

So what are some good approaches to making your bedroom appealing to the eye? Here’s a list of our top 5 ideas for making your bedroom more attractive:

  • Choose simple and light color schemes
  • Replace those outdated curtains
  • Change your Duvet or Comforter
  • Replace your old mattress
  • Remove anything you don’t need in the bedroom
  • Add a small throw rug to an open area

5. Decide on a Color Scheme Before You Start Your Bedroom Remodel

You may or may not have a color scheme on your list of bedroom remodel ideas. If you’re not happy with the current color of your room it should be on there. A good idea is to look for colors that compliment your furniture. You should also think about colors that put you in a positive mood as your bedroom should be one of the most comfortable and inviting places in your home.

6. Update Your Old Flooring

If you have an older home that hasn’t been updated in decades, chances are your flooring could use a change. Tearing out that old burnt orange shag carpet from the 1970’s and replacing it with a modern laminate look can transform your bedroom. If you just love the feel of carpet on your feet in the morning, there are lots of great carpet choices that will still help to effectively transition your bedroom to a more modern and more appealing look.

Rather than choosing carpet for your bedroom, you can use some type of wood flooring. With wood flooring you can use different shapes and sized rugs. For a soft feeling beneath your feet, you can go for a shaggy rug. For a firmer feel you can place down a wool rug. Rugs can also add a design aspect to your room, establishing zones for your bedroom making them feel larger than they are and highlighting different sections of the bedroom.

Bedroom with a shaggy rug

7. Consider Changing Your Drapes or Blinds

A fresh coat of paint on the walls is great, but those old fashioned drapes may need replacing before you can consider it job done. Changing your window coverings is one of the simplest bedroom remodeling ideas that can have one of the biggest impacts on the look and feel of your room. Remodeling your bedroom doesn’t have to be hard and it’s one of the best ways to help make sure you wake up in a great mood every morning.

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