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4 Summer Clean-Up Tasks To Keep Your Backyard Safe


4 Summer Clean-Up Tasks To Keep Your Backyard SafeThe call of the great outdoors. It’s mesmerizing. The bright sun, a cool breeze and a few lazy clouds float through an azure sky cure our cabin fever and draw us outside. OK, so maybe we’re not all ready to head “into the wild” and live off the land, but there is plenty of living to do in the backyard. The garden, the tire swing, the patio or deck, cookouts and fire pits — are all practically required summer activities.

But outdoor activities are often rough-and-tumble ones. Time spent outdoors also means cuts and bruises, sunburns, scrapes and bug bites. It’s always good to have a well-stocked first aid kit nearby.

There are steps you can take to make your backyard a safe haven for relaxation, though. Here are some ideas for sprucing things up and safeguarding your loved ones in the process.

Get Pests Under Control

One of the easiest things homeowners can do to make their backyard experiences more pleasant is a little pest control. Get rid of any objects that collect water. A bucket, a tire swing, kids toys are all places where water can collect after a rain. They become perfect breeding grounds for disease carrying mosquitoes.

Maybe you’ve seen evidence of unwanted furry critters in places around your home. Mice and rats look for sources of food and water and can fit into extremely small spaces. If you don’t want to call a professional, use steel wool to plug any holes that give rodents access. Get rid of any objects that provide them harborage.

Embrace Proactive Lawn Care

4 Summer Clean-Up Tasks To Keep Your Backyard SafeUnkempt weeds will trip you up, and too-long grass is a breeding ground for pests!

If you haven’t already, it will soon be time to break out the lawn care tools. Give the lawn mower a tune up. Pull out the fertilizer spreader, hedge clippers, aerator and edger. Any parts that need replacing can go in a dumpster (except old fuel and oil). If the mower or any other tools are beyond repair put them in the Bin There Dump That bin.

Tend Your Garden

Gardening is one of the most popular outdoor activities. According to Mother Earth News, 31 percent of people invested time and energy growing food in a garden. Throw in the people growing flowers and the numbers increase considerably.

A well-tended garden is a beautiful thing to enjoy out in your yard — but whether it’s a container garden (which is great for growing herbs and flowers) or a plot in the backyard, there is cleanup involved. Broken clay pots, damaged fencing, and weeds are all fodder for a bin.

Remember to wear gloves, use kneepads or a mat, and be sure to use the proper tools.

Be Smart About Building Patios, Decks and Outdoor Kitchens

For the most ambitious backyard enthusiasts installing a deck, patio or an outdoor kitchen is the ultimate do-it-yourself project. Plans range from the simple to the multi-tiered deck that would make Bobby Flay quiver with joy.

However elaborate you choose to be remember your protective equipment, follow the plans and make sure you have a Bin There Dump That bin nearby to help with the cleanup…the debris you leave in your wake could spell disaster without proper cleanup procedures.

Let Us Help!

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