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5 Tips For Your Best Garage Cleanout Yet!


Here's a message from your garage:


Has your garage completely turned into a storage closet that you’re unable to park your car. The time has now come for a garage cleanout. It can be overwhelming to tackle, especially when you don’t know where to begin. With these 4 simple steps, after your garage cleanout, you’ll have the garage of your dreams.

Step 1 - Make a Plan for Your Garage Cleanout

It’s important to set a date. If you keep thinking one day you’ll wake up and start the cleaning, it will never happen. So pull out your calendar and book a couple of days that you have nothing planned.

Once you start the cleaning you do not want to leave halfway through because there's no guarantee you’ll find the time to go back. Save yourself the future stress and book those days like you’re booking a vacation.

Take a quick look around your garage and see what kind of items you have stored. If you can see items that you totally forgot about, it is definitely time to start your garage cleanout.

Once you have a rough idea of what you may be storing research storage and organization ideas. When organizing items in a garage you’ll want to think vertically. Here are some ideas.

Use the Walls and Ceiling

If you’re planning on parking a car in your garage, you’ll want to use anything but the floor to store your items. Pegboards and rake clips simplify storing items. It will be just as easy to use than it will be to put back.

A clean garage will be easier to maintain when everything has its place. If you have the space in your garage for shelving racks, invest in steel ones. When organizing the racks you’ll want to store the items you use the least at the top and the items you use the most at the bottom.

These steel racks take minutes to set up, are sturdy for heavier items and will last the test of time. Tying larger items like a canoe or kayak to the ceiling creates extra storage space on the floor or space to park your car.

Create a Loft

If you have space, many homeowners create a loft in their garage for seasonal items. If you can build a loft or know someone who can it is a great way to maximize your storage in a garage.

This space is often used to store seasonal items if your Christmas lights are disorganized and all over the place put them in a bin and store in the loft. The space below the loft could be used for bicycles or more plastic bin storage.


kid friendly space in basement after cleanout

Organize your children’s toys in a manner that fits your plan but is still accessible to them and free of any potential dangers.

Step Two: Book a Dumpster Rental

Rent a dumpster for the time you have scheduled to clean out your garage. There are dumpsters of all sizes and dumpster consultants that will help you find the appropriate one for you. If you feel like you won’t need a full dumpster, check with your neighbors and see if they would make use of a dumpster as well. The delivery experts will drop it off in the spot you request as well pick it up when you are done your cleaning.

Step Three: Garage Cleanout Time!

It’s time to get to work! Designate areas for the items you want to KEEP, SELL/DONATE, TOSS.


Get plastic bins to help group items together. Rodents love garages, in order to keep them out store nesting items in plastic bins. This will not only unwelcome pests but also give your garage a clean and organized look.


Store these in a designated spot or in plastic bins as well so when it comes time for a garage sale or donation pick up the process is simplified. If you do not have enough items to host a garage sale by yourself, ask around in your neighborhood, see if others are in your situation and together have one combined garage sale. Check if your community has a curbside pick up or sell your items on online auction websites. 


This is where the dumpster rental comes in handy. Immediately toss out those unwanted items in the dumpster. The double door feature on some dumpsters makes it easy to walk items in and out especially the larger ones. There are several items that can not go in a dumpster rental if you have these items check out how to dispose of them properly.

As you go through your garage cleanout ask yourself these questions;

  1. Have I used this item in the past year?
  2. Does this item need to be in the garge? Would it be better used in the shed? Or basement?
  3. Is this a broken item that I was planning on fixing? Will I fix it?
  4. Is this expired? (Check on old cleaning supplies or paint)

Step Four: Add The Final Touches

Don’t forget about the final touches! They are just as important as the cleanout! Investing in custom garage cabinets is a great way to guarantee a clean look for the space in your garage. Create labels or signs to clearly identify a place for every item. This helps other family members not only find items but also remember where to put them back. Maintaining an organized space can be difficult as time passes, by ensuring items have a permanent home with a label you can guarantee you won’t have to do another garage cleanout for awhile.

finishing touch basement cleanout

Step Five: Host a Garage Sale

Now that your garage is clean, why not show it off and host a garage sale.

If you do not have enough items to host a garage sale by yourself, ask around in your neighborhood, see if others are in your situation and together have one combined garage sale.

Now, leave your garage doors open and show it off to the neighbors!

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