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What Materials Can I Put In My Rental Dumpster Bin?


One of the more common questions Bin There Dump That franchise operators receive is about what materials can be put into the dumpsters. The short answer: quite a lot!

You can put just about everything into your rental dumpster bin, unless it’s made of hazardous or dangerous materials.

One of the best ways to get an idea about what stuff is acceptable to toss into a dumpster is to take a stroll through a house and around the yard. It can be an enlightening and sometimes disturbing experience.

Up In The Attic

Attics are the great repositories for ancient household junk. Sure, every so often a kid finds a box of comic books with Batman No. 1 or a box of baseball cards with a mint Mickey Mantle rookie card, but most of the time it’s simply old clothes, books, duplicate wedding gifts and long abandoned hobbies.

Remember that foray into knitting? Yep, those skeins of yarn can be dumped into a bin. That bowling ball, the model cars, quilting and pottery equipment are all ripe for a bin.

And that ill-conceived foray into cosplay, that can go into a rental dumpster bin. You might want put them in a plastic bag to hide them from nosy neighbors.

Down In The Basement

What doesn’t get stored in the attic often finds a home in the basement. Maybe it’s a playroom or a workroom. The kids’ toys or dad’s tools might find their way into a dumpster. Certainly the scraps from dad’s projects — wood, bent nails, broken screws, stray nuts, fabric, and his broken dreams all fit nicely into the dumpster bin.

Kids’ toys — that thing they begged you all year to get and then played with once (and the box it came in) — broken furniture, even broken appliances are all OK to put into the dumpster.

In Bedrooms And Bathrooms

acceptable materials for a rental dumpster binPeek inside a bedroom closet and you’ll likely find some old and unused linen and the clothes that aren’t in the attic, but still haven’t been worn in years.

In the bathroom you’ll find mostly empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner, lotions, toothpaste tubes, frayed towels and washcloths. All that clutter that cleans your family — but dirties your home — can go into a Bin There Dump That rental dumpster bin.

In The Garage — And Beyond

There’s plenty in the garage that can go into a rental dumpster bin — and probably a few things that aren’t allowed. Many families keep their recyclables in the garage. They’re fine to put into a rental dumpster bin — though what happens to recyclables after you dispose of them will vary by area.

Material from home construction (or demolition) projects is not a problem. Putting a new roof on your home? Put the old shingles in the dumpster.

Opportunities for materials that can be placed into a dumpster don’t end when you head outdoors. Garden and landscaping items are fine. Home construction materials fill bins nicely. Putting in a new patio? No problem. Extra topsoil, gravel, bricks or concrete are fine in a rental dumpster bin.

What Materials Not To Put Into Your Rental Dumpster Bin

acceptable materials for a rental dumpster binIt might seem just about anything can go into a Bin There Dump That rental dumpster bin. But there are some restrictions.

  • No dangerous or hazardous materials are allowed.
  • While walking through the garage leave the tires behind — they’re not allowed.
  • Any leftover paint from the living room redesign are forbidden, and so are the cans that paint comes in.
  • Chemicals of any kind should only be disposed of by experts, not thrown into a rental dumpster bin.
  • Any flammable liquids or propane tanks must stay on the property.

Let Us Help You!

When you’re turning your house into a dream home, make sure to keep a Bin There Dump That dumpster nearby. And if you have a question about whether a particular item can go into your rental dumpster bin, just contact your local franchise operator.

Just about everything you want to get rid of (except for lazy teenage kids and frustrating husbands) can fit nicely into one of our dumpsters.

To learn more about Bin There Dump That rentals, including finding your nearest franchise operator, visit Bin There Dump That’s website.

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