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You'll Absolutely LOVE These 10 Ideas to Transform Your Shed

 (modified Sep 18, 2023)
Thinking of getting started on that shed removal project? If it's been sitting in your backyard and is rarely used, maybe you can rediscover new ways to put it to good use.

You may have inherited it when you moved in or maybe you built it and then forgot about it. It doesn’t matter too much why you have an underused shed in your backyard, but as it happens there may be ways to convert that neglected shed into a space you and your family will love.

We’ve scoured the planet for the best shed conversion ideas you can DIY. The cost of a shed conversion can be anywhere from $500-$1,500 but you can definitely work on your shed transformation for much cheaper. Here are our thoughts on how to transform your shed into a space you’ll love.

Shed in a backyard

1. Convert Your Shed to an Office

One of the biggest changes in the workplace in the last few years is the increasing demand for the ability to work from home. Many companies  accommodate flexible work schedules and allow employees to work from home where possible. Remote work is something you may be experiencing. According to Zippia, the number of employees in America will be 36.2 million by 2025.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to work from home, you may find yourself struggling with where to find a spot to work from in comfort and peace. That’s where one of our best shed conversion ideas comes in. An unused storage shed can be a great place to create a home office.

You’ll likely need to insulate it, run power to your shed if it isn’t already available and look at air conditioning or heating as well. A shed turned into an office will need adequate lighting and will need to be accessible to a wifi network.

Steps to Turn Your Shed Into An Office

  • Lay the ground work for your new office. Will the floor be wood? Carpeted? If you’re planning on using a rolling chair, carpet may be harder to move on. Decide what the floor will look like and ensure it’s installed properly.
  • Insulate the walls with your insulation of choice. Some popular insulation for sheds are: fiberglass, rock wool, cellulose, and spray foam. Add a frame to the inside of the shed so that there’s a gap between the outer wall and the inner wall (you’ll install later). The insulation can fit within this gap. If you feel the ceiling needs to be insulated you can do that as well.
  • Install the inner walls with drywall or plywood to seal the insulation. You can prime it and then paint the walls any color you like. (TIP: Consider painting the inside of your shed turned office colors like brown, taupe or even blue to help you focus and think clearly while getting work done)
  • Fill your new shed turned office with a desk, chair, lamps and other office décor to create a space you can feel productive in.

shed turned into office

2. Converting Your Shed into a Pool Shed

One of the simplest shed conversion ideas is to transform it into a pool shed for change rooms.

For pool owners, it’s a great way to give guests the space and privacy they need to change without having to worry about unwanted puddles throughout the home as guests make their way to the bathroom.

The best part is that you don’t have to make a lot of major modifications to the space. All you really need to do is to clear out the junk, apply a fresh coat of paint and maybe add some shelves for towels and pool accessories — although the roof rafters can be a great place for pool noodles and pool toy storage as well.

Pool Shed Ideas For Your Shed Conversion Project

  • Consider what kind of floor you want to have for your pool shed. You can do vinyl or tiles for the floor, just make sure you use a waterproof sealant to avoid mildew build up.
  • Install a vent or windows for proper air circulation. This will prevent the humidity of building up in your pool shed, which can eventually damage the wood.
  • Bring in some benches for indoor seating so your guests can sit down while changing and drying off.
  • Install towel racks and shelving inside your pool shed where you can store spare towels for your guests.
  • Put a slip proof and water resistant rug for your guests to stand comfortably inside your pool shed
  • Leave a section for supplies and pool cleaning equipment. This can be a small closet or even just a shelf dedicated to these supplies.

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3. Creating a Year-Round Games Room in Your Shed

If you want to make use of your shed all year round then you’ll have to make a lot of upgrades.

One of the best shed conversion ideas is to transform it into a family games room and that will require some serious modifications such as adding heating, especially if you live in a colder climate.

You may want to add a skylight as well to give your game room more natural light and add electrical and lighting for power and artificial lighting.

You’ll also need a good game table and chairs and lots of space to move around in so you’ll need to clean out any clutter — a built-in storage bench is another great idea for your shed games room.

Just like the home office, you’ll need climate controls as well to keep everyone comfortable on game night. It’s one of the best shed conversion ideas, but it does require some planning and you’ll need to make sure you have all the right tools for the job.

Creating a Gaming Shed in Your Backyard

  • You’ll want to install some form of seating such as benches around the shed with a table in the center. Make sure the seating is comfortable for extending periods of gaming by adding cushions.
  • Include a dart board on one of the walls; ensure you have the proper lighting installed so you can hit the bullseye in your gaming shed!
  • A small shelf in a corner will allow you to store board games and cards that you can play on the center table.
  • A TV hung on the wall with a console below will allow more space for your ultimate gaming shed.

Playing Jenga in a Gaming Room

4. Why Creating a Workshop is a Great Shed Conversion Idea

One of the most common shed conversion ideas is to create a workshop where you can work on your various hobbies such as woodworking, pottery or painting. You'll no longer need to resort to leaving your garage filled with workshop equipment. Reserve a new space for this like your shed.

You may want to winterize the shed for this type of use as well, but it’s probably not necessary if you live in a mild climate.

Setting up a workshop shed is simple. A nice workbench is a good starting place, and you can always make changes later if you need to. If you’re ready to get creative, there's no better spot than that unused backyard shed.

Creating a Workshop Shed

  • With an empty shed, you can start setting up a workshop shed in your backyard, so make sure it’s nice and clean.
  • You’ll want to add a workbench somewhere against one of the walls, above that you can add some peg boards for tools and other necessities.
  • Adding shelves that roll are essential for making good use of the limited space you have in your workshop shed.
  • Consider installing some floating shelves that fold at the hinges to make even more use of your limited space.
  • Organize the tools and equipment properly so that your workshop shed doesn’t become cluttered.

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5. Converting Your Shed into a Greenhouse

If gardening is your one true passion and you have a backyard shed full of unused rusty tools, you may be asking yourself, Can you turn a shed into a garden room? It's one of the greatest ways to repurpose your old shed! Consider converting it into your own personal garden room or greenhouse with some simple modifcations.

With the addition of electrical, heating and UV lighting to your shed, you can easily grow your favorite vegetables year-round.

Creating the perfect gardening conditions takes work and dedication whether you’re gardening indoors or outdoors, but having your own greenhouse in your backyard will expand your options.

Creating a Greenhouse Shed for your Garden

  • Install shelves on the walls to place potted plants and flowers in an organized fashion. Make sure it’s at a good height for watering.
  • Install a skylight so that the plants in your greenhouse shed can get the most amount of sunlight.
  • Consider replacing some of the walls with larger windows to allow maximum sunlight inside the greenhouse shed.
  • Set a space on one of the walls for hooks to hang your garden tools and store equipment, making it the ultimate garden room.

Shed turned into greenhouse

6. Turn Your Shed into a Guest House

One final novel idea that’s becoming increasingly popular in recent years is to convert that old backyard shed into a guest house, or at least an extension of your house in the form of a guest bedroom. If you have a larger sized shed, a shed to house conversion should be a viable project for you to tackle.

A shed to house conversion is the hardest project on our list to complete and it will probably take the most time to accomplish. You’ll want to use many of the ideas we’ve mentioned above such as, insulating, running electricity, adding heating, air conditioning and extra windows.

You may also want to consider running plumbing as well for a sink or cooking space if you have the space for it. It’s a big project to take on, but it will add a lot of value to your home and provide a great spot for those extra guests to stay in on holidays, even if it's merely a shed into a bedroom.

Steps to Convert a Shed to a Guest House

  • Plan the layout of your guest house, consider where you’ll want the necessities, for example a sleeping area, sitting area, if you’ll require plumbing for a washroom/cooking area, etc. Use tiny homes as inspiration for your guest house shed conversion.
  • It’s ideal if you install the plumbing in your shed before you tackle the electricity installations. You’ll be pretty limited to where the plumbing can go, however, you’ll be able to wire the electricity in your guest house anywhere.
  • Should your shed turned guest house require electricity (which we recommend) it’s best to consult an electrician, especially if it’s your first time. You’ll want electricity added to your shed for lighting and heating purposes.
  • Install windows into your guest house for natural lighting. If they can open, it’ll allow more air circulation throughout your shed converted guest house.
  • Remember to personalize your shed to home conversion to make it feel welcoming. Wall art, small rugs, throw pillows and throw blankets are great ways to make the guest house feel cozy and comfortable.
  • Should you only have space to turn your shed into a bedroom, you'll really only need the basics: insulation, lighting and air circulation. Put a sofa bed in there for it's sitting and sleeping uses, as well as placing a small drawer with wall shelving for storage.

Shed turned into a Guest House

7. Turn Your Shed Into A Bar

What’s a better way to entertain your guests than a nice outdoor bar? Turn your shed into a bar with a few easy modifications, and you’ll have yourself quite a popular gathering spot during the hot summer months.

You don't have to break the bank to turn your shed into a bar either. With a couple of stools, some shelving for a mini bar, and a tub of ice, you can build an outdoor bar in no time. These go great next to a pool, but they’re equally enjoyable on their own.

Converting Your Shed Into a Backyard Bar

  • Install some shelves to hold a few bottles of liquor. You may also want to install a long table top underneath to use as space to create your cocktails.
  • If you have access to power, you can connect a cooler to store things like sodas and ice cubes. If not, you can incorporate a large bucket filled with ice to chill beverages.
  • Carve out a rectangular window and install a counter to the outside to serve as the bar. You can do this by drilling a counter to the base of the newly made window and attaching some shelf brackets for support.
  • Place 2-3 tall stools outside for some comfortable seating at your new shed bar.
  • Add some ambient lighting, fun cocktail posters and maybe even a neon sign for décor.

Drinks with friends during happy hour

8. She Shed: A Space Just For Her!

Growing in popularity, a She Shed is a direct response to the concept of the “man cave”. With a similar idea, the She Shed is a space just for her. This refuge of relaxation can be decorated in just about any style, and not only limited to an overtly feminine design. What’s important and makes a She Shed special is the curation of a room that she can comfortably call her own.

Some common She Sheds are designed to be the perfect reading nook, with comfy cushions and soft throw blankets. Ambient lighting via fairy lights can also help create a moody atmosphere. Incorporating a snack drawer, organized storage cubbies to keep hobby materials like scrapbooks or knitting instruments are also a plus.

There’s no wrong way to create your perfect She Shed. As long as it’s right for you and your needs and provides some respite from your busy day, your She Shed can be the safe haven you’ve been looking for.

Building Your Perfect She Shed

  • First, consider the space available to determine how you plan out the design and layout of your She Shed.
  • Add sound proof insulation behind a layer of drywall so that you can have a peaceful and quiet space.
  • Hang some lighting around the ceiling of the shed according to the style and ambience you want. You can even opt for solar lighting with the panels sitting on the roof of your she shed.
  • Decorate the interior with whatever you want! Paint the walls a soothing color like a shade of blue or green.
  • Add an armchair and a desk for a comfortable sitting area, with a soft rug underneath.
  • Make the most out of the space you have by incorporating things that serve multiple purposes like storage ottomans, for example.

Woman reading book in she shed

9. Exercise in Your Own Private Workout Studio

Should you find yourself needing a dedicated space away from distractions to do your workouts, consider converting your old shed into a workout studio. Your own personal gym can come in handy, especially if it comes with a little extra privacy.

All you need to do is collect the necessary workout equipment for the type of workouts you do. If you primarily focus on cardio, a simple yoga mat for stretches and a treadmill or stationary bike would suffice. If you’re weight training, you can order a dumbbell rack to neatly store away your weights.

You can use this converted shed as a yoga studio or workout studio and reach your goals in your own backyard!

  • Add insulation and ventilation to the inside of your shed.
  • Use thick foam tiles or rubber tiles as flooring to handle the impact of dropped weights.
  • Decide if you want to use electrical lighting or natural lighting (windows).
  • Set up some fans to help cool you down from your workout.
  • Organize your workout gear in the corners and sides, and hang things like tension cables.

Workout Studio

10. Your Shed Can Be a Play Room for Kids

Sometimes your kids need a space outside of their bedrooms for them to get their healthy dose of playtime. It's always best to reserve an area of the home for them to play in. A dedicated space means they can store their toys and have ample space to play around in, without worrying about members of the home stepping on a lego piece while trying to go about their day.

You can definitely transform your shed into a play room for your kids. Your newly converted shed will need to be spacious enough for your kid to play in, and organized enough to make decluttering less of a hassle. Consider your child's needs when planning to convert your shed into a play room.

Creating a Fun Play Room for Kids

  • Insulate and ventilate the shed appropriately.
  • Ensure there's plenty of natural light, consider skylights.
  • Use carpet flooring or colorful foam flooring for comfort.
  • Create high shelving where you can store bins of toys out of reach of small children.
  • Paint the room bright colors that your child will adore.
  • Fill the space with toys, small childrens furniture and other things they might enjoy.

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How Do I Dispose of an Old Wooden Shed?

You may have a ton of questions on the best way to dispose of an old wooden shed. When it comes to shed removal, we've got you covered! It's not hard to dismantle a shed, and renting a dumpster with wide open doors will make it a lot easier. Here are some steps you'll want to use as a guide for your shed removal:

  1. Empty the old shed you plan on dismantling and removing. This means any tools, equipment and clutter needs to be carried out.
  2. Remove the doors off its hinges and remove the windows as well.
  3. Start to tear off the roof shingles and the materials (roofing paper, gutters, plywood, etc.) that make up the roof. Toss the debris into your rented dumpster.
  4. Use a mallet to take down the old shed's walls (remember to wear safety goggles and gloves).
  5. If the floor is concrete, you'll need to break that apart to get rid of it. Otherwise use a mallet or pry bar to dismantle the floor.
  6. Haul the junk away using a rented dumpster. This way you can have the debris of your old shed removal hauled away for you when you're finished.

And with that your shed removal project is done and dusted! You can clean up the space to make way for your new shed or perhaps a new feature for your backyard space. You may even decide to landscape the area. The possibilities for your new yard space are endless!

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