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10 Fantastic Ways to Organize Your Hallway Linen Closet

 (modified Jan 20, 2023)

The linen closet in many homes can quickly become a cluttered mess. Home organization is always a challenge and these closets are one of the areas where people struggle the most. The good news is it’s a pretty easy problem to fix. Here are 10 simple hallway linen closet ideas and ways to create your perfect organized linen closet.

1. Start With a Plan

While you could just tear everything out of your hallway linen closet and start from scratch, it’s usually better to start with a plan. Think about how you are going to use the closet moving forward and how much room you’ll actually need.

Think about the storage space and imagine what your organized linen closet will look like. Then you can begin moving out items that don’t belong in the linen closet you’ve envisioned.

2. Clear Away the Clutter

Some linen closets are filled with items that are either long past their expiry date or just don’t belong there. After establishing a plan it’s time to declutter that closet. Remove all old or expired items.

Chances are you may find a few items tucked away on those linen closet shelves that will surprise you. Perhaps some kids toys or pet related items. Usually they end up in the linen closet because someone was in a hurry to clean up. Any of these types of items can be removed during your decluttering process.

Organizing a hallway linen closet

3. Add Inexpensive Linen Closet Inserts and Organizers

The great thing about organizing any closet is that you have a ton of products to choose from to help with organization. Even a small hallway linen closet can be easily transformed with some plastic bins and other similar products. Use a linen closet insert to create dividers and spaced designated to specific items. Using a linen closet insert will make it easier to keep track of where specific items are kept in your storage space.

A linen closet insert is widely available and they’re also inexpensive. That means they won’t break your budget, but they will help you have an organized linen closet.

4. Baskets Are Your Friend

Another great linen closet organizer is the basket. You can use large baskets on the bottom for storing the bigger items, such as those extra comforters. On the shelves you can use smaller baskets to separate your linens by type or colors. This way, you can maximize storage space and is exactly what you want when establishing your linen closet systems.

The great thing about using baskets is that you can easily see what’s in each one without the need for any labels. Better homes and gardens identify 20 different innovative ways to use baskets for storage on the shelves in your hallway linen closet as well as many other places.

Need a spot for your excess toilet paper? These baskets are ideal for that as well.

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5. Additional Shelving and Dividers

When you move into a new home the closets aren’t always set up how you like them and this includes the linen closet. With some extra shelving and shelving dividers you can easily transform your hallway linen closet into one that actually meets your needs.

6. Create an Organized Linen Closet System

Even with extra shelves and dividers you still have some work to do to create a hallway linen closet that’s well organized. You need to develop a good linen closet system. Staying organized is the only way to truly maximize storage space.

For example, you might store small hand towels in baskets on the top shelf, bath towels on the middle shelves and blankets on the lower shelves. Whatever kind of system you choose it’s important to stick with it if you want your closet to stay organized.

Decluttering a linen closet

7. Use the Walls and Door to Maximize Storage Space

Linen closets in most homes aren’t very big; because of this, you need to get creative to maximize storage space. If you add a couple of hooks to the walls you can hang mesh bags for storing items such as rags. You can also hang a linen closet organizer from the back of the closet door as well.

8. Consider Seasonal Needs

If you’re using your hallway linen closet for more than just extra blankets and comforters it might make sense to consider seasonal needs as well. You might have sandals and running shoes in the bottom of the closet in the summer and boots in winter. When the seasons change you can switch out the items you no longer need and store them in your basement or garage out of the way.

You may also consider keeping those items that are out of season in some underbed storage containers. An Organized linen closet will have the items you most need for the season you're in.

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9. Include Only Linens and Related Items!

It’s amazing how many things that have nothing to do with linens wind up in the linen closet. Some homeowners use it for cleaning supplies as well. That might be fine if you have a large hallway linen closet, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense if you’re pressed for space.

With a little creative thinking you can usually come up with a better spot for all those cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items. Your kitchen cupboards and pantry are a great alternative for many items.

10. Hanging Baskets to Make More Storage Space

One other option that can help add to your available space are hanging baskets that attach to the underside of your shelves. These can be used for a variety of small items. When organizing any space the best solution is to get creative and always be willing to try new things.

You're bound to find clutter you no longer need organizing your hallway linen closet. Getting rid of items is easy as you can donate them or toss them. If there are any items that are hard to get rid of on your own, you can always rent a convenient dumpster rental to clear out the old clutter and create an organized linen closet.

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