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How to Tile Your Bathroom from Top to Bottom

 (modified Jan 6, 2023)

Bathroom tile installation may seem like a big job, but it’s a task almost any homeowner can take on without a lot of DIY knowledge. The right tiles can make your bathroom look more luxurious and increase your home's value. It also happens to be one of the best ways to give your bathroom a revamped modern look along with replacing the floor — although you may need to rent a dumpster to remove all of the old materials if you decided to do both at the same time. If you’re ready to give your bathroom a full makeover we have some ideas that should help you with planning and starting your project.

Where Do You Start When Tiling a Bathroom?

The answer may seem obvious — just start ripping out those old tiles, right? Well, that’s probably not the best place to start. In fact, you shouldn’t take on any home improvement project without having a solid plan in place first. Before you begin your bathroom tile installation there are a few things you’ll want to take care of first. Here are the steps you should take when tiling a bathroom:

• First set your budget and identify tile choices that are in your price range

• Decide on the areas in the room for your new bathroom tile installation

• Make sure you have all the tools you need for the job — including a tile cutter

• Remove old tiles, clean and prepare your walls

• Apply tile adhesive to the area where the tiles will be applied

• Apply grout between tiles after they’ve been placed on walls

Bathroom Tile Installation

Can I Retile My Bathroom Myself?

If you’re not sure that you can take on the task of bathroom tile installation yourself it’s probably a good idea to do some research first. There are tons of great YouTube videos on how to install bathroom tiles and countless DIY sites that can help as well. After watching a few videos and Visiting some DIY sites you should have a good sense of whether you’re up to the task. Installing tiles can make a difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. If you’re still not sure, consider recruiting the help of a friend or family member.

Even if you are up to the task of bathroom tile installation, you’ll want to keep in mind that it’s going to take time. It may not be the most difficult home improvement project, but it is one that can take you several hours. You’ll want to make sure you’re ready to commit the time needed before you get started. If you’re not too concerned about having a half-finished bathroom as you go — you can also spread the project out over a number of days.

What Do You Put Under Tile in a Bathroom?

If you’re replacing the tiles on your bathroom walls you need to apply an adhesive underneath the tiles to hold them in place. Before you apply the adhesive though, make sure that the base underneath is well cleaned, free from debris and fill in any uneven spots with drywall compound if necessary.

When you’re replacing the floor of your bathroom with new tile, you’ll want to remove all the old tiles and make sure that the subfloor is clean. If there’s notable damage to your subfloor you may need to replace it before you install the new floor tiles. Ceramic tiles need to be laid on top of a flat surface or they may crack under the pressure.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Remodel a Shower?

If you want to remodel your shower, but you don’t have the budget to buy expensive quality tiles you still have options. There are now laminate shower wall panels that are easy to install and fully waterproof. Best of all you won’t have to grout them afterwards. It’s a cheaper solution and a project just about any homeowner can take on confidently.

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