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Learn How to Remove Ceramic Floor Tile Like A Certified EXPERT

 (modified Nov 8, 2023)

Whether you want to install new flooring yourself or revamp your floor entirely, you'll need to know how to remove ceramic floor tile from your home. It can be a tough job, but you can definitely do it yourself. Requiring only a few tools, coupled with physical power, you can make a home upgrade that will pay off in the long run, all on your own.

If you are considering removing ceramic tile for your next home improvement project, here are a few tips to help.

How to Remove Floor Tiles

Plan Your Ceramic Floor Tile Removal Ahead

When planning a ceramic floor tile removal project, it is essential that you make preparations ahead of time. It is a great idea to set aside at least one day to finish up the ceramic tile removal project. You should also determine how to dispose of the materials that may cause potential risks and hazards.

Tile removal comes with a load of debris that you'll need to get rid of. If you want to work at your own pace and have the convenience of tossing the debris into a dumpster and have it hauled away when you're done, Bin There Dump That's got you covered. Consider calling your locally owned Bin There Dump That to schedule your dumpster for the start of your tile removal project day.

There may also be a need to consult a professional on how to go about the entire project. In the event that there is no expert around, seeking information via online means may similarly be helpful.

If you find yourself in need of guidance for replacing ceramic tiles in your bathroom, it may be beneficial to consult a professional who can provide expert advice on how to go about the entire project. However, in the event that you don't have access to an expert, seeking information via online means can similarly be helpful.

Online resources dedicated to tile removal and bathroom renovations can provide valuable guidance on tile removal techniques, safety precautions, and tips for a successful project. Additionally, participating in forums and communities focused on bathroom tile removal allows you to ask specific questions and receive advice from experienced individuals who have successfully removed and replaced tiles in their own bathrooms.

Ceramic Floor Tile

Get the Right Equipment to Help Remove Ceramic Floor Tile

When it comes to the right tools needed to remove ceramic tile, you can find them at your local hardware store, like Home Depot. They include:

  • A putty knife with a stiff blade
  • A small hammer
  • A flat garden spade
  • An iron pry bar
  • Chisel
  • Goggles/ wrap around safety glasses are a good way to protect eyes from loose material or other flying particles that may cause damage.
  • Protect hands with quality medium to heavy gloves to prevent cuts or scratches from sharp edges.
  • You will also need to put on a sweatshirt or a shirt with long sleeve.

Removing Ceramic Floor Tiles

Succesfully Removing Floor Tiles

The first step in removing floor tiles is to take out the trim covering the edges of the tiles and scrape out the grout which is found on the perimeter of the tiles. You should also ensure that caulking on the vertical bends is properly scraped out.

Once the tiles are free of caulk and grout, tap on the tiles so as to check whether any of the tiles has loosened. If you detect a loose tile, then the rest of the tiles should come off easily.

To protect yourself, you should also use special blade holders. For those parts that prove to be very tough, a heat gun can come in handy. However, this solution should be a last resort when grout proves too difficult to scrape.

Removing Floor Tiles

Removing the Adhesive Underneath The Tiles

Once the ceramic tiles are removed, the next task is the cleaning of cement remains or adhesive. Using products that will be helpful for the cleaning is also a good idea. Methylene chloride products are some of the most helpful in the market during the cleaning process. Trying them will make your work very easy.

Nevertheless, while using products with methylene chloride, you need to proceed with caution as it can interfere with your health and cause damage. To be more specific, the fumes can harm your body. Therefore, ensure that you have enough ventilation or consider wearing a face mask. Furthermore, make sure that your contact to the by-products is marginal.

An alternative to the chemical removal that experts use when removing floor tiles, is simply using boiled water. If you pour the boiled water onto the tile that you'd like to remove, the heat will help the adhesive to soften. Once that's done you can chisel the tile off or use a putty knife to scrape the tile off.

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Tossing the Ceramic Tile Once You're Done

Finally, after you've learned the best way to remove floor tiles, specifically bathroom floor tiles, it's crucial to have a reliable option for their disposal. Renting a dumpster from Bin There Dump That is an excellent choice, offering convenience and efficiency for your tile floor removal project. Their dumpsters are designed to fit in tight spaces and smaller driveways, ensuring they won't take up excessive room on your property.

What sets Bin There Dump That apart is the thoughtful design of their dumpsters, making it the perfect solution for bathroom floor tile removal. Each unit features double doors that open individually, providing extra space convenience. This allows you to easily walk the tile floor right into the dumpster without any hassle or difficulty. You can even take advantage of the dumpster rental and toss out some old furniture you may have laying around.

Once you've finished removing the tiles, you can rest easy knowing that Bin There Dump That's Dumpster Delivery Experts will promptly arrive to collect and haul away your rented dumpster. They even go the extra mile by sweeping around the dumpster area, ensuring your property is left clean and free of any leftover tile flooring debris.

Find out how to order one in your area.

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