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The BEST Home Upgrades That Pay Off

 (modified Jan 20, 2023)

There are tons of different ways you can upgrade your home. The problem is many of them can be expensive and you'll never get back your investment when you decide to sell.

With a little planning, you can upgrade your home without breaking the bank. You don't have to invest in a major kitchen or bathroom renovation, rent a dumpster for waste removal or spend extra money on tools. Here are the best home upgrades that actually pay off without you paying out.

What House Upgrades Add the Most Value?

Adding value while upgrading your home without draining your savings is a balancing act. A great starting point is an upgrade to that outdated bathroom with the 1970’s style decor. You can replace the backsplash, reglaze your tub and replace your vanity top for just a few thousand dollars. According to HGTV this type of renovation could potentially provide a return on your investment of 102 percent.

What Home Improvements Add the Most Value?

If you’re any good at DIY work you’ll rake in the savings when you don’t have to hire contractors to help you. Your kitchen is a great place to start. In the modern home, it has become a central command post for daily life. With a new center island, updated light fixtures, a fresh coat of paint on your cupboards and some new knobs and drawer handles you can transform your kitchen into an eye-catching centrepiece of the home. It will add more value to your home than almost any other project you can take on.

Home Upgrade Installing Wood Floor

What Adds More Value to a House?

Any project you can handle yourself without spending more than a few hundred dollars is worth taking on. It’s these types of home upgrades that add more value to a house than any other. There are many different project ideas we can mention and here are some of the top ones for you to consider:

• Install new light fixtures

• Add ceiling fans in bedrooms

• A new coat of paint in the living room

• Replace worn-out baseboards and trim

• Install some crown molding

• Replace old faucets and showerheads

• Add outdoor lighting on patios and walkways

• Upgrade wall outlets

• Replace light switches with piano style switches

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What Home Upgrades are Worth It?

Though we've focused mainly on home improvements that add value with minimal out-of-pocket expenses, we're not opposed to spending a bit more if it is worth it. Here are some projects that may cost a bit more, but will increase the value of your home more than you put into them and may even save you money as well.

Improve the Landscaping and Exterior of Your Home

The exterior of your home is the first impression a visitor or potential purchaser will see. From your flower gardens to your front step it says a lot about what they might expect to find inside. So it makes sense to put some work into your curb appeal.

A wrap-around front porch can be an appealing feature of older homes, but not if they’re falling apart. It might cost you a few thousand to repair and replenish your exterior. It’s a cost worth paying though, as it’s a home upgrade that always adds value. When you decide to sell it will create a great first impression and put any potential buyer in the right frame of mind to make you a great offer. With the right tools, you can get these projects finished easily.

Interlocked Driveway with Shrubs Home Upgrade

Investing in New Windows and Doors

Upgrading your windows and doors will increase your home value and save you money even if you never plan on selling. Modern windows are more energy-efficient — trapping heat in and keeping the cold weather at bay. They’ll save you tons of money on heating costs when you replace those old leaky ones.

While you’re replacing your windows why not consider replacing your old wooden doors with steel ones? Wooden doors require a lot of regular maintenance and they’re nowhere near as energy efficient as steel doors. Modern steel doors are well insulated and they conduct heat efficiently. That means they keep the hot air out when the air conditioning is on and the cold air at bay when the furnace is doing its job inside.

Adding Smart Technology to Your Home

Smart home updates are becoming an increasingly popular option in home renovations that add value without requiring major out-of-pocket expenditures. There are tons of options if you’re thinking about joining the smart home revolution and they’re not just a gimmick anymore. The right smart home technology can increase your home’s value and save you money as well.

Probably the most popular place to start is the addition of a smart thermostat. With these helpful devices, you can control the temperature in individual rooms. You can also program the thermostat to raise the temperature when you’re at work and lower it while you’re at the office to save on heating costs. When you’re away on vacation you can also set the thermostat at a lower temperature and set it to warm up right before you get back.

A smart thermostat is a bit more expensive than a traditional one. It will cost between $125 and $300 on average, but your energy savings will easily exceed that. It’s an investment that pays off and is just one more great way to add value to your home in 2022.

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