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10 GREAT Ways to Use Solar Lighting for Exterior Designs

 (modified Aug 3, 2022)

Are you looking for ways to decrease your electricity bills and be more eco-friendly? The sun is a powerful and readily available resource. Installing solar lighting in your home is a great way to achieve both of those goals.

Solar Panels

Solar Power 101

Solar energy is the sun’s power converted into thermal resources. Three ways to harness the sun’s energy are photovoltaics, concentrated solar power, and heating and cooling. Solar energy for lighting up the outside of your home is generated by variously-sized sticks and cell components that soak up the sun’s rays during the day. Well-charged solar lights can last for hours.

Check out these ten bright ideas for incorporating solar lighting into your exterior design:

Garden Lights

Taking care of your garden is no simple task and requires a lot of yard work. The best way to display your garden is by bathing it in proper lighting. You can use solar powered lights to show off all your hard work. Spacing the lights between or around your plants will allow your guests and visitors to view your beautiful garden even when the sun has set. Just be sure to place them so that plants won’t be covering the panels from sunlight so they can be fully charged at night.

Walkways & Paths

One of the most important reasons you want to use solar lighting in your exterior design is to keep your walkways safe. Solar powered lighting allows your walkways to be brightly lit, keeping them safe to walk through. Having a clear view of your walkway is essential-- you wouldn’t want to walk into a large trash dumpster, now would you?

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Wall Mounted Lights & Light Posts

Solar powered lights aren’t just limited to the ground. Wall mounts and light posts are fantastic ways to use lighting from above, casting light on a wider space and providing light to more of your yard. Light posts can be placed anywhere in your yard whereas wall mounted lighting works best near doors and garages or even on fences.

Security Lighting

Motion sensor lights

A good way to keep your property safe and secure is by using floodlights. Many homes have motion sensor lights that keep your front and back yards safe from intruders. Using solar lighting is a cost efficient and clean way to use outdoor lighting to keep your home safe from trespassers.

Entryways & Exits

One of the most important spaces outside your home is your front porch. Using solar lighting to brighten up the porch is another fantastic way to brighten up this area. You won’t need to worry about your guests or family members navigating through the dark when you have brightly lit entryways.

Fairy Lights & String Lights

One of the best ways to keep the backyard mood up is to brighten the space with soft lighting from fairy lights or string lights. When entertaining guests outdoors, it’s essential you create a relaxing ambience. String lights look great when they’re hung up on a patio and are the perfect way to achieve this ambience.

Using solar powered string lights will allow you to set up the space just the way you want without needing to remember to switch them on when the sun goes down. Using solar lighting this way allows you to feel good about the clean energy being used, which will help you and your guests enjoy the softly lit space even more.

Fairy lights over a patio with friends

Spotlight Outdoor Features

Whether it’s a fountain, a bird bath or a well-maintained tree, you may want to brighten the space up to show off your outdoor features. Using solar lighting lets you highlight these important and interesting parts of your exterior design.


Some things that home owners may want to avoid when putting thinking about their exterior design are shadows. Walls, trees and other objects may create harsh shadows that are unpleasant to look at. To avoid this, be sure to include solar lighting at different angles, as this is the best way to get rid of harsh shadows.

Accent Lighting

Using solar lights as accents is a fantastic way to finish off your stylish exterior, especially if you’ve finished designing a landscape that you’re proud of. Using solar lighting as accents is the best way to use clean energy to decorate your landscaped exterior with lighting. You can use soft lights and coloured lights to accent the exterior. The possibilities here are endless and you can let your creativity run wild.

Holiday Lights

House lit with many Christmas lights

When the holiday season arrives, you can spread the cheer by using solar lighting in the form of holiday lights! December is usually a time when energy costs rise as homes are not only using up more energy to heat their homes, but a lot of people will go all out to light up their exteriors. A cost efficient and clean way of joining in on the festivities is by using solar lighting to decorate your home.

With the push for clean energy, it’s easy to find a wide variety of solar lights these days in home improvement and department stores. And the great thing is, solar powered lights don’t usually require any special type of battery. Using solar lighting in your outdoor home design is always a welcome and great way to enhance your space.

The only minor disadvantage of solar lighting is that you need to be strategic about where you place them as to avoid blocking the sun from their panels. Even with this, solar lighting is the best way to beautify the outdoors as not only will you be saving money, you’ll also be using clean energy in the process!

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