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6 Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

 (modified Jan 20, 2023)

Who doesn't want a luxury bathroom? Whether we agree with it or not bathrooms are one of the most important rooms of our home. Luxury is something we all strive for but looking through interior design catalogues makes us lose hope in our dreams of ever having the financial resources to have fun. However, what most of us don't know is it's not all about the money you put onto luxury, it's about the way you execute your plan that makes a difference.

When I used to be a newbie in the respective field I used to go for things that were out of catalogues and rely on their sense of interior designs. It was only later did I find out that you need to channel your inner creativity to make the changes look authentic. So, let's look at the magazines for inspiration and start from a few low-cost basics that can change the look of our bathroom. Here mentioned below are a few tricks that you should follow.

Repaint Your Walls

One thing that you can do in order to make your bathroom more luxurious is to repaint your bathroom. Try to go for a color that speaks to you. You can do for bright colors if you want to experiment, but most of the time, neutral colors that are calming and soothing are the best for bathrooms. Make sure that the paint you use is in contrast with the tiles. You can also consider adding some tiles to the walls to create an amazing look.

Mirrors and New Fixtures

Mirrors are a great addition to a luxury bathroom. For a stylish and luxury look, you should go for one large mirror in front of both sinks like the ones you may find in the restrooms of luxury hotels. Mirrors make the bathroom look more spacious, and they also make it brighter by reflecting the light. Large mirrors are an essential component of a luxury bathroom that you can't neglect.

Apart from mirrors another thing that will surely make your bathroom look upgraded is new bathroom fixtures. If you have a reasonable budget you should go for a new toilet, new sinks, and new shower heads, etc. If you're looking for recommendations, you should go for the best toto toilet models. They come in different shapes and sizes, within a reasonable price range that will surely not break your bank.

Add Some Plants
plants on shelf

Another way you can make your bathroom look luxurious is to add some plants. You can do for artificial plants if you think you can't manage real ones, but it does make a difference to have the real deal. Real plants also improve the air inside the bathroom and make your bathroom feel bigger than it is. Plants also add some color to your bathroom, and they make the whole ambiance of the bathroom more soothing.

Wall Art

Who says that art is only for living rooms and bedrooms? You can also add some art to the walls of your bathroom. Look for a signature art piece that makes you feel relaxed and calm. This sort of an art piece will instantly make your bathroom super luxurious and lavish. Art allows you to add more color and a personal touch to your bathroom decor. This is a great way to get the luxury look in your bathroom.

Bathroom Flooring

After the walls, one of the most influential parts of your bathroom when it comes to decor and design is the flooring. For the luxury look, you need to have the proper flooring in your bathroom. You can go for some elegant looking tiles that complement the other colors in the bathroom. Try to keep the color pallet of the bathroom neutral. For a luxury bathroom, simple tiles aren't enough. You should also look into adding some small rugs to certain parts of the floor to make it more comfortable and look amazing.


Last but not least, lighting also matters a great deal. Make sure that the bathroom is well lit and that it has a good aura. Try using LED lights as they have better visual effects. There should be a lot more variety in the lighting of the bathroom for a lavish effect. Add multiple LED lights to the ceiling and also add some pendant lights over the mirror. This will add some style and a lot of convenience to your daily routine as it will be easier to groom your beard of hair or do your make up. Natural light is also important in a luxury bathroom. Otherwise, it can start to feel a little claustrophobic. Make sure that the natural light is not completely blocked and create a large window with one way or textured glass for maximum flow of light. Make sure that the light can be dimmed for the best effect.

design ceiling light
If you've gone through the above-mentioned tips, you can now get started on them one by one and make your bathroom look more expensive than it already is. Remember that the money you put into it isn't the only thing that matters, I've seen people who have spent insane amounts of money on their bathrooms and have nothing to show for it. Make sure the level of luxury you go for coincides with the rest of the house. Your bathroom should look like a part of your house. If everything doesn't come together as a coherent whole it looks problematic and is a waste of money. So, roll up your sleeves and get started.

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Author Bio:

This post is written by Andrea Smith. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She is currently a student of Interior Designing at the California Arts School. She regularly writes blogs at https://homeaddons.com

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