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Short Term Dumpster Rental & Long Term: Value For Your Money

 (modified Jan 20, 2023)

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There are many different jobs and reasons to rent a dumpster or disposal bin at your home. Maybe you’re in the midst of a renovation project, like a bathroom or kitchen. You might be cleaning out your garage, storage area or basement. You could be replacing or fixing your roof.

Whatever the reason, the dumpster should be there in your driveway for as long as you need it – but not longer than you want it!

In this post, you'll discover...

  • The average rental period for homeowners
  • How to get the best value for your dumpster rental period
  • Secret tip to get a little more value for your money

So, let's dig in and find out what's the best rental length for your waste disposal project.

How Long Can You Keep It?

Most reputable dumpster rental companies will allow you to keep the bin for around 5 to 7 days, giving you plenty of time to fill it. The truth of the matter is that the average stay of a dumpster in a driveway is about three and a half days. When you call to book your rental dumpster delivery, discuss this with the customer service rep.

As long as you’re honest and upfront, it’s not likely that a good company will give you too hard of a time if you need a day or two over the allotted 5 to 7 days. Bin There Dump That franchisees usually charge on a 7-day basis and then on a per-day basis if you need a daily dumpster for longer.

Anyone can understand that the first time you rent a bin, the experience can be intimidating. (After all, few homeowners make a habit of disposing of a huge amount of trash!) But you can rest assured that most dumpster companies will work to make the process as painless as possible. While there might be some minor differences about how our franchisees run their operations, there are some universal truths.

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Short Term Dumpster Rental VS Long Term Dumpster Rental

As a reputable company, we cater to both short term dumpster rental which would be considered a rental period up to 3 days. A long term dumpster rental period would be up to 7-10 days - and all of this is cost inclusive. If you're going to need additional days exceeding the standard rental period, you'll want to collaborate with the Dumpster Consultant on a new rental structure, because at $5-10 per day after the initial 7-10 days, those costs will start to add up quickly! Discuss with the Dumpster Consultant whether you can arrange a 30-day rental fee.

What To Expect When You Call

When you call to book your bin, there are a few things you should expect from a reputable dumpster rental company:

  • They should answer the phone promptly, listen respectfully and professionally suggest solutions
  • Your dumpster rental should arrive when promised
  • The vehicles, bins and drivers should be clean
  • The bin should fit neatly in your driveway, saving labor and time (and allowing you to keep parking your vehicle inside your garage)
  • They should promptly retrieve bins when they’re full
  • Your property should be protected from potential roll-off dumpster scratches
  • They should sweep your driveway area before they drive away, leaving your property as clean as it was before.

There might be differences in how each Bin There Dump That franchisee bills, but the service you receive will be top notch at any of our locations. Some franchisees have “all-in” pricing, while others charge a fee for rental and then charge for dumping, usually per ton. There is no cost for pick-up or drop-off. Your intial rental period (between 5 and 10 days) is also included in the price.

Tip for Ultimate Value on your Dumpster Rental

Everyone is always looking for a little more, whether you are purchasing a new car, television or renting a dumpster; all consumers want additional value to their investment. For homeowners looking to eek out that extra bit of value on their bin rental, one tip is to rent late in the week. If you order a rental for Saturday, because most Bin There Dump That franchsie companies don't operate on Sunday (of course, there are exceptions to this), they'll set you up for an additional weekend on your rental. This extends your 7 day rental into a 9-10 day rental.

Keep Your Bin As Long As You Need It

Remember that these companies make money by moving dumpsters from one job to the next, and they will have a finite number of bins in their inventory. If it turns out that you have the dumpster longer than expected it is important to communicate that to the company as soon as you can so they can make the arrangements needed.

So remember, the bin is yours as long as you need it. But let’s face it: Once the job is complete, don’t you really just want that thing gone?

Think Bin There Dump That is the right fit for your residential trash removal needs? Check out our website to find your nearest franchise location.

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