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Home Renovation: Hire A Professional Or Do It Myself?

 (modified Jan 4, 2023)

Home improvement projects add value to a home and improve the lifestyle of those living in it. Whether it leads to lounging in a luxurious bathroom suite or enjoying Mother Nature on a backyard patio the pleasures of home renovation projects are varied and many. The decision for homeowners is how to get those projects done.

There are a number of variables to consider when deciding whether to do the project yourself or hire a professional: Skill level, finances and free time are just a few.

But unless you do renovation for a living, there are some projects that are better to leave to the professionals. So should you DIY or hire a pro? Here are a few projects:

Home Renovation Project

Putting On An Addition — Hire A Pro

Whether it’s a man cave, craft room or a kids playroom nearly everyone dreams of a little more space, a place to unwind. Unless your day job includes “construction” somewhere in the company name, adding an extra room is a complicated endeavor best left to the professionals. There are plenty of hurdles with this one that makes it quite difficult to do it yourself.

Adding a room to your home involves getting a city permit for building and construction. On top of that, you'll need the experience of an electrician and HVAC technician to ensure the wiring and heating is all done correctly. If you're thinking DIY or hire a pro, we would say go with a professional.

Remodeling a Bathroom — Hire a Pro

Water and electricity don’t mix, at least they don’t play nice with one another and you don’t want to be anywhere near them when the two get together. And you find both in the bathroom. If you’re building a new bathroom or completely gutting and an old one, hire someone who has the expertise and the skill to keep your family and home safe.

Putting in a new sink or refinishing a bathtub can be relatively simple do-it-yourself home renovation projects that nearly any homeowner can handle with the right amount of time and patience.

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Installing a Deck or Patio — Do It Yourself

No backyard paradise is truly complete without a deck or patio — nothing compares to an afternoon sitting underneath a huge umbrella with burgers and hot dogs cooking on the grill. Decks and patios, even when being torn down or removed, require time and patience, but they’re not particularly difficult to install (depending on how complicated you want the project to be).

If you’re planning an intricate design — maybe a family portrait in colored pavers — or a two-tiered deck with built-in gas lines for your grill, you might want a little help, but if you’re looking for a basic, unencumbered design, you’re safe to do the work yourself.

There are plenty of DIY books and websites that offer step-by-step instructions.

Renovated Backyard Patio

Adding a Fireplace — Hire a Pro

Sitting in front of a cozy fireplace, the wood crackling while the snow flies outside has become such a cliché, there’s actually a television channel that shows a video of a fireplace around the holidays every year. While it lacks the charm of the real thing, the television is far safer than the real thing. Fire destroys more than 350,000 homes killing more than 2,000 people and doing nearly $6 billion in damage every year — though certainly not all of those mishaps stem from fireplace accidents.

Adding a fireplace and chimney to your home is a complicated endeavor that can be dangerous if not done right. Between the masonry work, heavy construction and possible electric rewiring this is a job for an expert. Maybe opt for just working on the mantle for this home renovation project.

Wine Cellar — Do It Yourself

Pour a glass of wine at the wrong temperature and wine snobs will look down their noses and snort derisively, annoyed with your pedestrian understanding of the fermented grape. If you’re not willing to kick these folks to the curb, then consider building your own wine cellar.

Your basement might already be the right temperature (or close to it). Most of the project is relatively uncomplicated carpentry work. If you’re building a large wine cellar that requires refrigeration, you might want to get some assistance with that portion of the home renovation project. If you're thinking DIY or hire a pro, you can definitely do this one yourself!

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