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5 Reasons Cleaning Out the Basement Should Be Your Next Project


Most of us have things to do that we keep putting off — working on the basement may be one of them. Check out these five reasons why cleaning out the basement is a good project to undertake, and get yourself motivated.

Find Unusual Items


Although finding a valuable painting or rare ceramic plate in your basement may be unlikely, we have heard of people who've discovered interesting family documents or fascinating knickknacks from bygone eras when they've been cleaning out the basement. All sorts of articles are stored in basements, from trunks full of clothes that belonged to family members who arrived from another country during the last century to small cartons of vintage baseball cards. You may discover an exciting treasure or a personal long-forgotten item from your own childhood.

Earn Money With a Yard Sale

Some of the objects you unearth when cleaning out the basement may not be worth anything to you but might be just the thing your neighbor has been looking for. Sort and price the bits and pieces as you're cleaning out the basement, and all you have to do is decide on the date of your yard sale. Rope in some friends to help you manage the tables and you're ready to make the cash.

Donate to Charity

If a yard sale seems like too much effort, give no-longer-needed items to charity. Thrift shops welcome gently used items, including clothing, kitchenware and exercise equipment. Some nationwide charities will even collect from your home. Imagining kids playing with toys that your kids have grown out of makes your sort-out worthwhile.

The money a charity raises from selling your surplus goods may help a family in need. You also know that by putting some of your unwanted items into the reuse and recycle stream, you're doing your bit for a better environment.

Get a Lift of Mood

We all know that satisfied feeling we get when we've tidied out a bedroom closet or cleaned out the refrigerator. Multiply that emotion by 10 and that's how you'll feel when you've succeeded in cleaning out the basement. Research shows that decluttering reduces stress and helps you to concentrate better. Make no mistake, clearing out a basement is hard work. But the end result is a mood elevator for sure.

Create a New Look

Once you've removed the jumble from your basement, can now view the space properly and come up with constructive decorating ideas. For the budget conscious, a simple coat of paint makes a previously dull, dark basement look brighter and more inviting. A stained or painted concrete floor looks stunning and is easy to keep clean. Divide the room into work and play areas with wood pallet walls or pretty, low-cost curtains — no planning permits required. Be sure to have plenty of lighting; energy-efficient LED lamps are ideal.

There are sure to be many items you find when cleaning out the basement that are no use to anyone. These are pure junk and fit only to be thrown away. This is when Bin There Dump That comes into the picture. We rent out dumpsters that are ideal for most clearing out projects. Contact the franchise operator in your area today for more details.

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