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5 Places to Find Reclaimed Wood and What You Can Do With It


When it comes to doing your own projects, wood is often a material that will be used. Instead of buying new pieces and paying top dollar, consider using reclaimed wood. This is wood that has been used in other projects or structures that have been torn down or demolished. Usually, you can find perfectly usable pieces of wood at these job sites for next to nothing or even free. If you are starting a project or in need of wood, here is how to find reclaimed wood near you and how to get a great value.

Where to Find Reclaimed Wood Near You

If you are not afraid of a little hard work, then you can greatly improve your chances of getting reclaimed wood. Popular locations include:

1. Classifieds. Sites such as Craigslist, Nextdoor, Reddit (local subreddit), and your local newspaper are places that people may post that they are tearing down an old structure and the materials are free for the taking if you help. On the other side, you can post an ad yourself saying that you are interested in taking away old wood and see if anyone comes to you.
2. Reclaimed Lumber Dealer – There are plenty of dealers across the country that offer reclaimed wood, usually already cleaned, processed and ready to use. It’s worth a quick search in your local area to see if you have a reclaimed lumber dealer nearby. Here are a few locations that may be near you (some even offer delivery outside their area!) : 

3. Dumpsters, especially ones for construction companies and home improvement stores. What the bigger projects might consider scraps can easily cover the amount of wood you will need for a smaller project.

4. Farms often have extra material that was kept from tearing down a previous structure. Given the size of some farms, they may be thankful to have someone carry away their old wood.

5. Retail stores, especially grocery stores, usually have packaging and pallets that they have no use for.

These are all great options for locating the wood for your project. With many people doing some spring cleaning, now is a great time to get looking.

What to Do With Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood table

Now that you have your wood, there are plenty of projects that you can accomplish with it. Reclaimed wood can take many forms, from plywood, old fence pieces, pallets, to perfectly good 2x4s. Depending on what you managed to find, here are some ideas on how to put it to use:

  • Shelves and cabinets can easily be DIY'd from reclaimed wood. You can find plenty of online tutorials showing you how to build any size shelf or cabinet you want.

  • Trays to set decorations on or used for food and drinks are a perfect beginner DIY project. 

  • Organizers for your kitchen supplies. Make shallow boxes to put in your cabinets, or even a holder for seasonings to display on your counter and help keep your kitchen decluttered.

  • Clocks. Purchasing a cheap clock face can turn your reclaimed wood into a grandfather clock.

  • Furniture. If you are able to get enough, you can make chairs, outdoor benches, tables, dressers, or just about anything else!

  • Gardening boxes. Use your wood to frame a section for soil to plant a garden, or make smaller boxes to plant some herbs inside.

Whether you already have an idea or not, there are plenty of ways to find reclaimed wood near you and milk tremendous value out of it. This is a fun way to complete a project while recycling unused and unwanted materials. And if you are ever on the other side and trying to get rid of your wood, Bin There Dump That can help.

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