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How to Declutter Before Moving


If you've acquired a new house that's your dream house, it's probably because you have a quality real estate agent. You'll need one to make sure you're making the right decision on a house.

Moving house straight away, without proper planning is a huge mistake. Not taking some time to prepare for the move will cause great stress and problems with the moving process that anyone can easily avoid by following their own decluttering checklist.

We’ve mastered this process and now is the perfect time to share all the experience we have with our readers. Follow the tips below, design your own checklist for decluttering before a house move and keep track of the strict guidelines we recommend, you will not regret any of it.

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Preparing for the Decluttering Process

  1. Set a moving date
  2. Make a detailed list of all steps
  3. Decide what to get rid of when moving
  4. Work with deadlines
  5. Schedule a decluttering weekend
  6. Move all of your excess things into storage to make your homes appearance better

Set a moving date

Rule #1 - set a definite date for moving house. This is of the essence as other parties are involved in it too. That would be moving companies, solicitors, financial institutions, landlords, and your family, of course.

Making readjustments and delayed notifications because of changes in the moving date is something you should not do at any cost, it would only hinder the moving process, comments man & van professional Ryan Banks.

Make a detailed list of all steps

We explain the decluttering process later in this post but it’s a good idea not to try to memorize it. Instead, make sure to make a physical or digital checklist for the whole process. Verify that it can be available 24/7, whenever you need to refer to any of the points in it.

Decide what to get rid of when moving

Make a second checklist but this time list all items that are to be disposed of. If unclear what type and size of bin would best suit your needs, check our bin rental size information with detailed information on the subject.

Work with deadlines

Set definite deadlines for all important tasks around the decluttering process prior to the house move. This way you will boost your productivity and the chances to get the job done on time are much higher.

Schedule a decluttering weekend

Most adults who are busy with their professional and personal matters are unable to complete a proper decluttering process during the weekdays. That’s why we highly recommend picking weekend dates for this job when you will be much less overwhelmed with tasks.

How To Declutter The House Before Moving Officially

  1. Start fresh
  2. Proceed with one room at a time
  3. Empty all drawers and containers in all premises
  4. Prioritize what is most valuable to you
  5. Remove all useless papers
  6. Separate items that no longer work
  7. Consider recycling many waste
  8. Sell online what still has value
  9. Donate
  10. Get back to your checklist for maximum results

Start fresh

Get everything else in your life checked out to the point where you have nothing else important to think about.

Proceed with one room at a time

Decluttering one room at a time is most efficient according to specialists who share their view based on long-term experience in the house removals niche.

Empty all drawers and containers in all premises

Leave nothing important behind. Empty all drawers and cupboards. Any furniture that may have content inside should not be left unchecked. If you are moving and taking the fridge, don’t forget to declutter here too, but leave food and pet food until the last minute. When packing, keep food in clip-top plastic boxes or sealed tight in freezer bags to keep it as fresh as possible until you get to your new home.

Prioritize what is most valuable to you

Of all the things you need to sort out, pack, load, and carry with you to the destination address, prioritize what has the greatest value and put it in a box of essentials. When you get there, it will be a lot easier to get your hands on all the valuable contents of this box in a minute.

Remove all useless papers

Paper waste is among the primary types of domestic waste inside households and is also a waste material that causes very negative effects on the environment.

Separate items that no longer work

Any electronic appliances and mechanical items that are no longer operating should be discarded properly. We can help you with bin rental services, in 7 days we will collect the full roll off bin rental and remove it from the property.

That means you should separate this type of waste in different bags and transport them to a recycling center where they will be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.

Consider recycling waste

Anything else such as paper waste, glass, plastic, and other items that can be recycled such as old tires and even construction waste, should be loaded in a vehicle by skilled professionals who will transport it to a waste segregator before all of it gets recycled.

Sell online what still has value

Use popular platforms for online shopping to get rid of used items quickly. A garage sale is also an option. Notify your friends and relatives that you’re moving, they may need something you want to let go.


Some NGOs will arrange a free rubbish collection for all items you’ve donated. This is a quick and free way to declutter with minimum effort from your side. Take advantage of it!

Get back to your checklist for maximum results

Always refer to your checklist and double-check if you missed something. If so, refer back to it and leave nothing important behind!

Declutter upon moving - conclusion

When done right, decluttering makes the whole moving process more affordable and smoother for any of the following reasons:

  • Man and van professionals work faster in an environment with no clutter and obstacles. 
  • Any finances generated from selling old possessions will cover partially or fully the expenses on the house moving process.
  • Only the household items will be transported at the new address, resulting in less cargo space and faster job completion - both will reduce moving expenses.

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