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6 Ways to Create Your Own Peaceful Sanctuary at Home

 (modified Aug 3, 2022)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our homes have become a work office, children's classroom, church, and hangout spot all wrapped into one. Aside from a few daily outings for exercise or a trip to the grocery store, most of us have been spending the majority of our time at home. Because of this, there's been an increase in people wanting to create a peaceful, loving sanctuary that combats the stress and pressure of working from home. You don't need to live in a mansion-sized space for the perfect home sanctuary when you follow these tips.

Let Natural Light In

Whether inside or outside, natural sunlight can be your best friend. While creating the perfect sanctuary in your home, focus on making a space that gives you an energetic boost at the start of each day. Opening the curtains or rolling up the shades in the morning to let some natural light in is a great way to get your internal clock ticking. Research has shown that natural lighting helps people stay more productive and happier throughout the day with the added benefit of lowering energy costs in a home. For a spa-like staycation at home, we suggest using candles or installing a dimmer switch in the bathroom for an enjoyable, low-lit bath in the evenings.

Create a Separate Workspace

When designed properly, an at-home workspace can help you work more efficiently and comfortably. Devoting a separate home office space used solely for work can help you wind down when the workday is done. Burnout can be a major concern once you start using your entire home as a work office. Instead of lounging on the couch or in bed while getting work done, set up a desk and chair in a private room that'll keep out any distracting noises. Be sure to take time about once a month to get rid of any clutter in your work area that can be distracting and prevent productivity.

Decorate With Plants

Indoor plants don't just look good; they can also make us feel healthier and happier. When creating a home sanctuary, bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to add life to an otherwise monotonous space. Along with the added appeal of some fresh greenery, plants help out by cleaning our indoor air of toxins and producing fresh oxygen. Many hobbyists claim that getting into the routine of caring for indoor plants can be a therapeutic way to wind down after a long day.

Add Calming Colors

A calming paint job can be a budget-friendly way to significantly change the entire mood of a room. Before painting yourself a peaceful sanctuary, do some soul searching to find which colors or patterns are the most soothing to you. When it comes to painting the walls in a house, don't be afraid to be bold. Shades of grey and baby blue are two classic options that can help calm a busy mind. A more earthy green might also add relaxing tones that mirror the natural colors outdoors. Don't forget to properly dispose of the paint after the project.

6 Ways to Create Your Own Peaceful Sanctuary at Ho

Use Natural Scents

Soothing smells make all the difference when it comes to creating a staycation space. Scents can evoke specific mood responses and ultimately affect the way you act and feel throughout the day. Natural fragrances from scented candles or homemade essential oil blends can help create a cozy, stress-free living environment. Another option is to pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers to display at home to add a bit of natural beauty inside and improve the aroma of the room. Mixing things up will help make your house feel different and spice up your staycation at home.

How Can I Start Building My Home Sanctuary?

When we feel stressed out or uneasy in our own homes, it often has to do with the buildup of useless clutter that takes up space. However, over time it's normal to accumulate things that you were planning on donating, throwing away, or eventually using. Start with small five-minute decluttering sessions to get rid of the smaller items. Then, tackle your house room-by-room to get rid of things that have been tucked away for long periods of time.

If you are looking for an affordable way to get rid of the junk in your home before creating a sanctuary in your home, Bin There Dump That provides dumpster rental and removal services to homeowners across the country. Our residential dumpster services include a driveway protection system, full-service delivery/pickup, sweeping your property after the dumpster has been removed, and designated weight allowances. Contact your local Dumpster Consultant to start decluttering and create the perfect home sanctuary.

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