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6 Essential Tips to Masterfully Maintan Your Clean Backyard

 (modified Dec 16, 2022)

Do you want to have and maintain a clean backyard? Having a clean backyard is an easy way to give your backyard that much needed makeover. It may not be ask daunting of a task as you may believe. Below are some tips, such as fertilizing, removing weeds and planting beds, to name a few, that you can use if you want to maintain a lovely and clean backyard no matter the season.

1. Remove Weeds Those Pesky Weeds

Weeds are survivors, so you need to get rid of them if you don't want them to ruin your garden. It is why many homeowners organizers their garage sheds so that they can easily find their trowel and fork and have them quickly accessible whenever you have to weed.

So be ready, gather your weeding tools and remove the weed using these tips:

Pull the weeds entirely up to their roots to prevent them from growing back.

Grab the weeds straight from the ground before pulling straight up.

Remove weeds after the rain, the time they come up easily because the soil is moist.

But be extra careful walking around in your wet garden to prevent the soil from compacting.

If there is no rain, you can water the garden before pulling the weeds. You should remove the weeds while they are small.

You can use a fork or a trowel, or a hoe if the weeds are too small for manual hand pulling. And for a quick cleanup in large areas, you should always keep a blade sharp.

2. Fertilize Your Lawn to Keep it Healthy

Keep your lawn and grass healthy to minimize the growth of weeds. As they say, a healthy garden is not a conductive place for weeds to thrive. Some tips to keep your garden looking good and healthy.

Use the right kind of fertilizer. For example, look for those with "Slow Release Nitrogen" on the label. It only means that the fertilizer can feed the grass evenly and reduce growth flushes.

This kind of fertilizer will also minimize the potential of the nutrients to leave the garden early.

You must also consider applying fertilizer at the right timing. For example, you must do it around spring and fall if you're living in the Northern US.

In this case, slow-release fertilizers are going to provide slow but steady nutrition throughout the summer.

Fertilized lawn in backyard

3. Plant Beds Make for an Organized and Clean Backyard

Prepare a plant bed and choose the plants for the beds based on your location and season, for example.

But in order to maintain the beds, you should clean them by removing spent flowers or plants with hand pruners or scissors.

You should also snip off the flower stems just above the bud or leaf once they finished blooming in order to prevent them from developing seeds.

Look for problems including on pests. Check for leaves with ragged edges and holes, spotted, discolored or sticky leaves.

You should also pull the weeds from the plant beds as you can see them. Pull them by hand or use a hoe to slice them off just under the surface of the soil. In addition, you should edge the beds, but make sure to keep them tidy and distinct using a garden spade or a mood edger.

4. Don't Let Your Garden Get Ahead of You

Make your garden clean and gardening easy. Do not let the garden get ahead of you, so be sure to plan ahead.

Know that some plants need more work than others do, so choose ones which are easy to grow if you don't have much time in planning for your garden.

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5. Clean Out The Garage

In addition to the above tips, think about cleaning out or de-cluttering the garage to know what is in it. Choose a section to start with and be able to place everything out so that you can easily sort them through.

You must also decide on what to keep.

While it can be hard to if some items are hard to throw or let go for certain reasons, it might help to ask yourself whether the items are there for a use or you don't know what to do with it.

If you cannot find a reason to use it, you should consider discarding it.

You can also make some money off the items you have in your garage by selling them online. List or advertise your items for sale and make some money out of them. You can even host a garage sale and that way you don't have to take the items very far, your neighbors will buy them and haul them for you!

Organized Garage with shelves

6. Landscape Pond Edges

Another way to make your backyard looking clean and organize is to landscape pond edges. You can seek help from a landscape contractor or landscaping app to decide on the design and edging materials for the pond.

For one, a pro maybe helps to help you decide on it based on the amount of traffic a certain area is receiving from visitors, children and pets.

Some ponds that receive much traffic have fixed edgings. In addition, if you have a remote garden pond, you might as well do find with some rock borders. On the other hand, a pond in a suburban backyard receiving much traffic might need pavement installation.

Now you have some tips to know about keeping your backyard clean. So again, remove the weeds, plant, maintain beds, landscape pond edges, and fertilize for a clean and lovely garden.

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