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6 Health Benefits of Decluttering | Bin There Dump That

 (modified Aug 3, 2022)

Decluttering is a necessary process. It helps keep your home clean and stops you from overindulging in hoarding habits. It is even good for charities and foundations that benefit from donations.

The clutter from your home could very well be essentials that someone lacks. It is even a crucial step in passing along family heirlooms! You are likely to realize you are still holding onto them during the process and finally remember to pass them along. It rouses our memories as well, letting us remember all the fun and happy times we've had with our loved ones as we reminisce over how we got the items in the first place.

However, it might surprise you to hear it is actually also beneficial to your physical health! In what ways? Well, we are here to answer that with our list of 6 health benefits of decluttering!

A person suffering from allergies

Helps reduce allergies

While decluttering does good by allowing you to donate your household clutter, its more intangible benefit is reducing the sources of allergens found in your home. Dust accumulates, sadly, no matter what you do or how you try to prevent it. The same can be said about mold or other nasties that pile up on long-unused clothes, books, vases, and similar, which you have not paid any attention to for years.

Occasional cleaning helps, yes. But do you have time and inclination to unbox everything every couple of months and have yourself a deep cleaning session? Unlikely. Not only is your time-limited, but it is also a lot of hassle to unbox and then box everything again. Unfortunately, such negligence leads to allergens accumulating in your home, and you will eventually find yourself sneezing or coughing whenever you go rooting through your wardrobe or shelves.

Helps avoid infections and illness

In a similar vein, it is very easy for infections to find their way into your life if you are not careful. We often just haphazardly pack clothes, snacks, and even perishables in their intended places. Then we proceed to forget about them.

How often did you go rooting through your stuff and find something you do not even remember buying? Well, if you let your clothes grow moldy or the food you have stashed away in cupboards and the back of your fridge spoiled, you can have serious issues on hand.

Decluttering your home includes everything from furniture, storage room clutter and food storage places. All of these places can create a home to nasty infections and illnesses. The latter being particularly harmful since the viruses and bacteria in the food can cause anything from mild to severe food poisoning. Do not think that a single bit of spoiled food in your fridge is not an issue, either! Because it can and will spread.

It is an excellent way to de-stress

Now, stress might not seem like much. It just causes mild discomfort and anxiety, right? Wrong. In actual fact, stress is a serious issue that can develop severe health problems, from migraines, dizziness, vertigo, diarrhea, and ulcers to insomnia and mental issues. These can share stress as the underlying cause, and none of them are particularly easy to deal with or endure.

Decluttering, on the other hand, helps effectively deal with stress. If it does not entirely eliminate it, it is an excellent way to reduce it. This stems from the fact that our environment affects our mood. Thus, seeing a mess all around us increases discomfort and, therefore, stress. By reducing clutter and organizing everything, we put ourselves in control of our lives, which leads to our subconscious minds lowering our stress levels.

A person suffering from stress in the middle of cl

Energizes mind and body

The activity and the process of de-stressing are coupled with another positive: an elevation of energy. Having our mood suddenly lifted leads to our mind and body feeling energized, and as such, provides another health benefit! It might not seem like much at first. What's a little more bounce in your step?

Well, it turns out it has far-reaching effects. It decreases our chances of getting sick since our body is more active and lively. It has been scientifically proven that sad or depressed people are more likely to get sick! In addition, it can help you take strides to feel more confident and take better care of yourself. Also, it is crucial to better organize your office at home and work both, since work tends to leave us exhausted and moody, and we need all the uplifting we can get!

Increases sleep quality

As if it weren't enough, seeing a mess around us does not only lower our mood and threaten our health. In fact, it can consciously and subconsciously remind us of the 'messes' we face in our daily lives. How many times have you lied awake, thoughts of your problems coming up unbidden as you stare at the clothes and items strewn all over your room?

Well, chances are you might not be facing that problem nearly as often if you took the time to clean up! Besides, if you did put everything in its place and reduce the number of items in your room, you'd have space for a bigger and comfier bed! And don't worry about packing your old bed; there are ways to easily get a bulky bed ready for transfer and out of your home to make room for an even bigger and nicer one.

A person sleeping soundly after reading ‘6 health

It is a good workout during the fall and winter months

Finally, decluttering is a way to get some much-needed physical activity during the months when you remain cooped up inside. It is hard to find the motivation to go out and be active while looking at rain or snow from your cozy and warm couch. However, the mess around you might motivate you to clean up and declutter, at least. Besides, it is an excellent way to discourage the forming of hoarding habits, so it is doubly useful!

Final Word

With our list of 6 health benefits of decluttering coming to a close, we hope we have encouraged and motivated you to take on the task of ridding your home of clutter. If it seems like too much work, remember that you are doing it to improve your health and quality of life.

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