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Top Home Office Organization Tips That Will Help Your Productivity

 (modified Aug 3, 2022)

Nearly half of America's workforce has worked remotely in response to the global threat that is COVID-19, which means more homes than ever are doubling as workspaces. Bringing work home may not be foreign to some professionals, but with many workers spending the majority of the work day in their home offices, personal clutter may start bleeding over into workstations.

Organizing a home office doesn’t have to require overspending or reinventing the wheel. If your motivation feels completely zapped, here are some effective office organization ideas to keep you focused and productive.

Be Picky About Your Desk

The minimalistic look will always reign supreme, but if you're sacrificing practicality for aesthetic, you won't end up with functional home organization tactics. Sleeker desk options tend not to have drawers or built-in shelves for housing the supplies you'll need to get work done.

Do you handle a lot of printed work? Need to keep handwritten notes? You'll especially need to keep everything neat and tidy in your immediate workspace—your desk—to ensure that you can sit down and get right to work without distracting clutter stealing your attention.

Get Serious About Storage Space

If a bulky desk doesn't appeal to you or won't fit in your layout, there are plenty of other ways to creatively optimize storage without crowding your home office. Installing floating shelves on the walls is a great way to store standing files, tumblers for writing utensils, or anything else that doesn't need to rest on your desk's surface.

For the more traditional WFH professionals, you can never go wrong with a filing cabinet—and there are plenty of attractive, modern options out there when it comes to organizing your home!

Assign Every Item a "Home"

Don't steer off course after you settle into your newly organized home office. Stay committed to placing everything in its designated spot when you're done using it or when you're wrapping up work.

You should also avoid eating at your desk as much as possible—and invest in a small waste bin to make sure you keep any unwanted trash out of your way. If anyone needs to use your office for work, you can also take advantage of a labeling or color-coded system for visual cues that guide every item back to their home.

Take Advantage of Visual Assets

Getting rid of paper around your desk area is a great clutter prevention strategy. Hanging up whiteboards or corkboards will help ensure that you won't have to track down post-in notes, important deadlines, or other items you may need to reference often, all while keeping your space looking polished and organized. Taking advantage of vertical space is one of the most cost-effective methods to maximize storage and maintain organization.

Absolutely No Hoarding, Ever

clean home office set up

It should be clear from the previous office organization ideas and tips that you should do whatever you can to mitigate clutter from gathering in your workspace. Whether you're prone to allowing junk to pile up on your desk surface, in your storage areas, or on the floor, you should take time before you start working or immediately after you finish to complete a quick cleanup to prevent messiness from creeping back into your home office.

Hide Your Cords

If you didn't put much thought into how you'll organize the cords for your computer, external keyboard, monitor, or other devices, you're probably dealing with a lot of tangling cords if you ever need to shift things around. Purchase a cord organizer or bread ties to keep those cords neatly together without becoming an eyesore, or worse, interrupting your work.

Get Help With Your Major Office Cleanout

Feeling in over your head to get your office in better shape? Clear out your growing piles of clutter with the help of Bin There Dump That Corporate. Our convenient dumpster rentals have helped homeowners across the nation declutter their homes without dealing with hauling the mess left behind.

Our team will drop off the dumpster in your home's driveway and come back when you're done to pick it up—leaving you with no curbside junk to worry about. Reserve a dumpster online now to get started planning your complete home office organization project.

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