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10 Easy-to-Follow Tips for Packing Your Mobile Storage Container

 (modified Jan 20, 2023)

Here's the truth...

Half of the packing tasks entails yelling at the top of your lungs (*guilty*), while the other half involves getting some work done.

A lot of the work done though is haphazard if you have not done any planning in advance. Not to mention, it can take a couple of attempts before you are sure that the way you have packed your storage unit is correct.

Top all of these headaches related to relocating to a new home with the associated energy drain and you may almost want to give up any plans of moving to a new house, city, or country. However, there is always a silver lining, particularly, if you do your packing homework beforehand.

To this end, here are 10 tips that will help you load your mobile storage container and make your moving experience pleasant:

  1. Plan Everything in Advance
  2. Declutter
  3. Make Sure You Have All The Packing Material
  4. Decide on the Best Container Size
  5. Inquire About the Container
  6. Create Enough Space to Load Your Storage Unit
  7. Place Heavy Items at the Bottom
  8. Evenly Distribute the Weight of the Load
  9. Fill All the Available Space
  10. Create an Inventory

Helpful Tips for Before You Pack Your Container

Efficiently packing your storage unit starts with effectively packing your household belongings. In this regard, the following tips can make matters easy for you:

Plan Everything in Advance

Decide what you want to carry to your new house and what to leave behind. Separate items into different categories. For instance, separate the shoes from the clothing items, and the toys from the electronic devices. All these categories demand different packing care, and they will also be packed in separate boxes. Therefore, it is best to start categorizing them from early on.


Decluttering is closely related to the first tip. It’s best that you decide what you need to get rid of. Some of the items that you should consider recycling, donating, or giving away in a garage sale include:

  • Old books and magazines
  • Broken electronics
  • Cheap posters
  • Clothes that don’t fit anymore
  • Old towels and mugs
Of course, you can trust your local Bin There Dump That Franchise to assist you in a dumpster rental to help you with the de-cluttering process; we deliver bins across the country that assist homeowners in their relocation process. 

Make Sure You Have All the Packing Material

You will need all the packing essentials to ensure that all items are securely packed. This helps minimize the odds of damage. Some of the important packing items that you should load into your shopping cart entail:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving bands
  • Bungee cords
  • Plastic container
  • Stretch wrap
  • Appliance wrap
You will also need a permanent marker for labeling all the packed boxes.

Tips for Renting a Mobile Storage Container

There are certain important factors to look into when you rent a storage unit. Some tips that can help you at this point are:

Decide on the Best Size of Container

Before you rent a container, call the respective business and give an approximate idea of your container load to them. They will then help you to book the container that will best accommodate and comfortably transport your belongings. For instance, ALTA Storage provides containers that are 16 feet in length, 8 feet tall and 7 ½ feet in width.


Inquire about the Container

In addition to learning about the size of the portable storage unit, gather details about its material and the facilities that it offers. For example, ask if the container is pest-protected and climate-controlled?

If you are transporting items that are sensitive to temperature change, then you might want to learn about the climate-control feature of a container. At the same time, certain container transporters don’t pay attention to pest attacks.

However, your stuff is exposed to the risk of a pest infection if the container is placed on the ground. Therefore, ask for all of these details in advance.

Tips for Loading the Portable Storage Unit

Once your belongings are ready to move, and you have rented a storage unit, you will have to get to loading it. The following tips will help you at this point:

Create Enough Space for Loading a Unit

Once you rent a transportable container, the moving company will transport it to your house on the given date and leave the unit at your doorstep. They will then pick the container up after you have loaded it and take your belongings to your new destination.

One crucial factor to take into account here is the space for the container unit. Since containers are spacious, make sure that there is plenty of parking space for them. At the same time, ensure that the container is placed on a flat surface, preferably on the ground, as it can block the sunlight that the grass receives. Ideally, the unit should be as close to your doorstep as possible so that you can easily load and unload items into it.

Utilize All the Space and Place the Heavy Items at the Bottom

Remember to stack all the heavy items on the bottom of the container. Place the lighter boxes on the heavier items. Not to mention, use all the available space in the storage unit from side to side and top to bottom.

Evenly Distribute the Weight of the Load

Don’t place all the heavy items in one area. Instead, evenly distribute the weight of your container load throughout the mobile unit. A simple way to do this is to spread the heavy items on the container’s floor and top them up with lighter weight boxes.

Fill All the Available Space

Fill in all the space in the container. To this end, mix up the small and large boxes so that there is no room left in between. This will prevent the boxes from shifting when the container is on the move, lowering the odds of damage to your belongings during transportation.

Bonus tip

An extra tip that can help in keeping track of all your belonging is:

Create an Inventory

Write a list of which of your belongings is present where. This will help you keep a check on all of your items, slashing the odds of losing them. An inventory is, particularly, helpful if you are transporting your belongings in two containers or transporting some of your stuff yourself while the rest goes with the moving services.

Summing up

Moving to a new house does not have to be challenging. With the right planning, proper packing, and reliable moving service providers you can easily relocate to another place without carrying a load of worries on your shoulders.

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