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How to Throw an Amazing Birthday Party in the Backyard


Are you tired of traditional birthday celebrations? Do you want something casual, exciting, and affordable?

If you are fortunate to live in a house, throw a birthday party in your backyard. If you don’t have access to a yard, ask friends or relatives if you could use theirs. After all, everyone loves a good party. But, do clean afterward.

Now that you have a lovely green yard it’s time to get to business. Here is a list of tips from Bin There Dump That USA on how to organize and decorate the best backyard soiree ever. 

Choose a Theme

A good theme makes a birthday celebration special and memorable. Backyards, gardens, and patios are great for themed parties. They are spacious and obstacle-free. Your guests can lounge, dance, and play games.

Unleash your imagination and fulfill any wildest party ideas you’ve had. The best one can do is create a memorable day full of fun and good vibes - whether it’s for you, a loved one, or your four-legged friend.

Check these cool themes for inspiration: 

  • Tropical Party; 
  • Masquerade; 
  • Glow In The Dark; 
  • Tea Party; 
  • Glitz and Glam; 
  • Picnic On The Ground; 
  • 90’s Throwback; 
  • Back To Basics: 
  • The Flintstones Way; 
  • BBQ Party; 
  • Unicorns; 
  • Futuristic; 
  • Boho Chic. 

Look into trees and Celtic astrology for fresh ideas if you want to take a step aside from the ordinary.

The Organizational Part

  • Prepare a list of guests. 
  •  Plan your budget. 
  •  Decide on the dress code. 
  •  Send invites. 
  •  Go shopping. 
  •  Make floral and catering arrangements. 
  •  Have fun. 

Decoration Is The Key

Decoration is essential for any celebration as it builds ambiance and boosts the holiday aura. 

  • Use balloons, confetti, tableware, pom-poms, banners, party hats, centerpieces.
  • Decorate surroundings: trees, tables, umbrellas, benches, chairs, pathways, patios. Use candles and foliage. Play with colors to add a twist.
  • Ensure that the result is attractive and in line with your theme.
  • If you opted for a themed party, choose decor that suits your concept.

Take the tropical party, for example:

  • Tiki Bar Hut 
  • Palm Tree Garlands 
  • Hibiscus Cascade Centerpiece 
  • Tiki Flag Banners  
  • Tropical Cutouts 
  • Hibiscus Table Scatter 
  • Luau Lantern Garlands 
  • Hula Girl Yard Sign 
  • Floral Tissue Table Skirt

Make Flower Arrangements

Flowers are a must regardless if you are having themed or a standard birthday party. They add life, joy, and elegance to the occasion. Plan at least a week ahead of turning your backyard birthday venue into floral heaven. Choose flowers to complement your theme. There are many ways to enjoy the beauty of flowers on a happy and special day.

Here are just a few to list:

Flowers At The Entrance 

  • Create a warm and welcoming garden spot for your guests with a flowery entrance. 
  • Make a DIY flower doorway arch or order from the local florist shop. 
  • Use flowers, leaves, and petals combos for a gorgeous look that makes heads turn. 

Floral Backdrop 

Hang out beautiful floral backdrops on the backyard fences or patio walls. The flower cascades make the perfect spot for your birthday photoshoot.

Flower Vases And Pots

Fill the backyard with colorful, fragrant bouquets. Order crafted bouquets from the florist shop or create your own. Pick flowers according to your party concept. Get unicorn roses for your Unicorn themed party or Hibiscus and Plumeria for the tropical soiree.

According to birthday flower experts Bouqs, you should choose seasonal flowers. Did you know that each month has its special flower? For example, if you are born in May it's the Lily Of The Valley. Roses are the flowers of June, Waterlilies for July, and Gladiolus for August. 

 Scatter pots with green plants around the venue such as Agave, Angelonia, Passionflower, Plumbago. They add an extra twist of freshness and greenery to your special day.

Floral Centerpiece 

Flowers make your table elegant and stylish. Decorate it with a large floral centerpiece or spread small pots around the entire central line. You can also scatter little dried flowers and petals across the tablecloth.

The Party Flavors 

Pizza, burgers, sandwiches, cupcakes - the usual stuff. How about something different? 

  • Impress your guests with colorful homemade macaroons for your unicorn or tea party.  
  • Grill a rack of spare ribs for your Flintstones throwback or prepare to bite treats for the Boho party. 
  • Prep snacks, sweets, and the birthday cake. 

Tiki cocktails are a must for the tropical birthday feast. Iced cold bubblies are great boho drinks. For the tea party, prepare a selection of herbal, fruit, and infusion teas. Serve hot and iced teas. Get loads of beer for the BBQ party and sip drinks in stone mugs for the Flintstones concept.

The Extra Touches 

  • Double friends and family fun with games and activities. 
  • Do a scavenger hunt. 
  • Burst balloons. 
  • Open presents, predict what’s inside first. 
  • Play charades or Simon says. 
  • Match games with your party theme.  
  • Play a pineapple bowling or do a ukelele contest for your tropical birthday. 
  • Set up backgammon or table chess tournaments for your 90’s throwback.

Final words

Backyards are great birthday bash venues. Use your sense of humor, imagination, and creativity to set up the best decor. Add flowers to brighten up any space. Serve tasty food and sip cool drinks. Play good music. Spend a lovely day with your loved ones. Play games, take photos. Have a blast!

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