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TOP 10 Popular Home Decor Trends of 2022

 (modified Jan 4, 2023)

Over the last couple of years, most of us have spent a lot of time at home. They’ve become our family sanctuary, our home office and our entertainment center all rolled up in one. This revival of a focus on family life has made us all pay attention to the look and feel of our interior family spaces from kitchens to bathrooms and everything in between. So what does the new year have in store for us? Get ready to load up that dumpster with the old to make way for the new! Here are the top ten home decor trends of 2022 we expect to be popular.

What is the Biggest Decorating Trend for 2022 — Natural Design with a Biophilic Effect

If we can think of one interior design buzzword phrase that will be on the tips of tongues this year it has to be biophilic design. If you’re not familiar with it now you will be. The biggest names in interior design are anticipating it taking off, including Good Housekeeping and Better Homes and Gardens.

Biophilic design means a focus on design that is in touch with nature. In a challenging world, we want to create a calm space at home with lots of natural light, great ventilation and plenty of greenery to cheer up our rooms. You’ll see a lot of homeowners implementing this home decor trend in 2022!

Biophilic Home Design Trend 2022

Colorful and Bold Interiors

While we may start to venture out a bit more again in 2022, we’ll probably still spend a lot more time at home than in recent years. To make that more palatable, expect to see lots of fun colors and bold patterns to liven things up. We don’t expect that old burnt orange sofa that was in your grandmother’s living room to make a comeback, but it will feel like a nod to the 1960s and ’70s overall.

What Will Be the Color Trends for 2022 — Warm Neutral Colors

For those of us that just can’t come to grips with bold colors and pattern trends, we think that a focus on warm neutral colors will be the trend for 2022. You’ll see a lot more subtle beige and creamy colors as well as earth tones dominating the home decor world. This all goes back to the whole idea of making our homes more inviting and down to earth as we spend more time with the family inside.

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Lots of Texture

Another important home decor trend in 2022 will be a focus on textures that add character to the home. Think natural wood looks, stone fireplaces and comfy leather couches. If you’re starting to see an overarching theme to the anticipated design trends of 2022 you’re not imagining things. There’s a real focus on making homes more natural. Gone are the days of ultramodern, space-age interiors — at least for this year.

What Are the New Decorating Colors for 2022 — Vintage Nostalgia Green

You know that vintage green look of your parent’s bathroom? Well, it’s going to be trendy again in 2022. Yep, green is in again. You’ll see it in bathrooms, kitchens and even living rooms. These earthy colors are just another part of the overall more natural home decor trend in 2022.

Modular Furniture

Green home Design Trend 2022

With so much time spent indoors now, it’s easy to see why modular furniture is bound to become more popular in 2022. The idea of being able to change the arrangement of your furniture to give your room a new look has a lot of appeal. We also tend to use our rooms for multiple purposes these days as well and modular furniture lets you easily adjust to your needs in the moment.

Curved Form and Sculpted Furniture

Sharp furniture seems impersonal and formal — they’re not what most of us want in our homes right now. In 2022, curved and sculpted furniture will continue to grow in popularity. They make rooms feel warmer, more inviting and friendly. This interior design trend will likely last through 2022 and beyond.

Shared Activity Rooms

That trend of our kitchens being our home offices and our living rooms doubling as our social media studio hub will continue throughout 2022. With so much of life focused on the home, each room will become a shared activity room. The furniture we choose and the decor we choose will also reflect this trend.

Lighting that makes a Statement

Green Kitchen Design Trend 2022

The overhead lights we choose and the lamps that sit on our side tables can say a lot about our personality. Look for many homeowners to choose new lighting in 2022 that says a lot about their personal taste. The right lighting can make a major statement and they can be real conversation starters as well.

Adding Color in the Kitchen

One other home decor trend we think will really take off in 2022 is the addition of color in the kitchen. As a center of activity, the average family spends a lot of time in and around the kitchen. This year we’re going to see more homeowners move away from neutral colors in the kitchen towards bright and fun ones. It’s a great way to brighten up our day and start off with a positive frame of mind.

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