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Will a Dumpster Rental Company Recycle The Contents of My Bin?


From the reusable fabric bags we take to the grocery store to the washable plastic water bottles we tote around everywhere, there’s a lot of evidence out there that Americans are part of an increasingly eco-friendly society.

In 2011 alone, we generated about 250 million tons of trash and recycled and composted almost 87 million tons of this material — that means we recycled almost 35 percent of the trash we generated! (And that EPA stat is from more than two years ago, which means that rate of recycling has probably increased quite a bit.)

If you’re part of the huge percentage of Americans who have jumped on the recycling bandwagon, there’s a good chance you’re concerned about what will happen to what you dispose of when you rent a dumpster bin. You take steps to protect the environment in other areas of your life; it’s natural that you would worry about where the trash from your home is headed when the bin leaves your driveway!

So, will your bin rental company recycle the contents of your dumpster? The short answer: There is no short answer.

A Local Conundrum

Waste disposal varies greatly from area to area. Cities, towns, states, provinces and counties all regulate the disposal of trash differently within their own jurisdictions. Every dumpster company is bound by the regulations in their area, which take precedence.

Even the definition of “recyclable” will vary according to where you live! Visit your local government’s website or speak to someone at City Hall to find out how your town defines “waste” and “recyclable,” as well as what rules and regulations govern you and the materials you’re about to part ways with.

In most cases, the waste in your dumpster will be delivered to a landfill, recycling center or other type of transfer station, where the professionals will separate its contents according to what’s recyclable and what’s not.

Ask Questions

There’s a lot of information you’ll want to gather on a company before you decide whether to rent a dumpster bin from them.

Beyond the basic questions of pricing, delivery and pickup, after-job cleanup and customer service, it’s also important to know whether your dumpster supplier is properly licensed with the appropriate authorities.

Find out whether it has licenses through local and national environmental agencies, the Department of Transportation and other necessary governmental organizations. (And if they won’t answer your questions, consider that a huge red flag. Transparency is key!)

You can also speak with a good dumpster company customer service rep who will clarify for you what the policies of their own company are when it comes to recycling.

Call Your Local Bin There Dump That Franchisee

Start your recyclable research with your local Bin There Dump That franchisee ! Our highly trained customer service representatives can answer all your questions, including your questions about recycling trash from your home, and help you find the most eco-friendly waste disposal option for you.

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