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When Will I Be Expected to Pay For My Dumpster Rental?


When Will I Be Expected to Pay For My Dumpster Rental?They say credit is king.

Actually, it’s always been the opposite: The business truism is that cash is king, but really, how many people use cash to pay for anything anymore? And as far as consumers are concerned, credit works just as well as cash and is the preferred way to pay for your dumpster rental.

That said, each franchise operator handles his or her transactions differently. Before we jump into that, know that cash is still an option, albeit a rare one, and you might need to have a history with a franchise operator to pay cash on delivery. Across all Bin There Dump That franchises, 98% of customers pay with credit. Credit cards are the preferred option for all franchises.

First let’s take a look at a few credit card facts (courtesy of www.creditcards.com):

  • The first national general-use credit card that allowed balances to be paid over time was the BankAmericard, issued in 1958 (BankAmericard is now known as Visa). MasterCard started in 1966.

  • The average number of credit cards held by all cardholders is 3.7.

  • When we’re talking about consumers only, the average number of credit cards drops to 1.96.

  • In 2012, there were 26.2 billion credit card transactions.

  • Of the 775 million general purpose payment cards in force (issued, activated and not expired) in the U.S. in 2012, 334 million were credit cards, 283 million were debit cards and 159 million were prepaid cards.

Authorize First, Pay Later

Ken Demski, who owns the Bin There Dump That franchise in Baltimore, Maryland, generally asks customers for a credit card for which Demski seek preauthorization. The consumer isn’t charged until the bin is picked up and the franchise collects the tipping fee at the landfill/transfer station. If in the relatively rare instance that a customer goes over the weight limit, there will be only one charge on their bill.

(To learn more about Demski and his franchise, visit the Baltimore franchise’s website.)

Pay Now, Bin Later

When Will I Be Expected to Pay For My Dumpster Rental?The flip side of the preauthorization approach is payment at the time the agreement is made. Mark Crossett, owner of Bin There Dump That’s original Mississauga franchise charges the consumer's card before the bin is delivered. If the bin is overweight, the customer receives a second charge on the card.

There is something to be said for being a regular customer. In Mississauga, trusted, well-known clients are the only ones who are allowed to go the cash on delivery route. (To learn more about the Crossett’s franchise, visit the Mississauga website.)

Simply put, each franchise operator approaches payments differently. Each is happy to explain the policies before you make your purchase. They will also be happy to explain any fees the might be charged above and beyond the rental fee (for a more detailed description, check out the blog post we wrote for franchise operators on the hidden costs of doing business).

Make sure to ask your local Bin There Dump That franchise or other dumpster rental business up front how and when you’ll be charged for your rental

Getting Started

A Bin There Dump That dumpster rental is a great way to help you clear out a room or an entire house. To get started on your next rental, visit the Bin There Dump That website to find your nearest franchise operator.

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