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4 Clever Tips That Will Help You Organize Small Spaces

 (modified Jan 19, 2023)

Many people spend a lot of their time looking for their lost possessions within the house. What is worse is that many things go unfound despite all the efforts. This happens when we forget to organize small spaces in our homes. Those of you who misplaced the TV remote or have stumbled over a pile of old shoes will be aware of the frustration involved in lack of organization and having an overabundance of things.

When you are living in a small apartment this irritation can be troublesome as you have limited solutions to the problem. There are many benefits in taking out the time for organizing your house. Here are 4 clever tips you can use to organize small spaces in your home:

Clever Tips to Organize Small Spaces

1. Clean Your Possessions

This tip does not cost you anything as it has nothing to do with having to purchase plastic beans and boxes. Before you begin decluttering your home and organizing your stuff, you have to take some time out for deciding the need for all the things you have collected. You can go about doing this one room at a time. Tackling your home this way will help you organize small spaces with less stress, making the whole job feel less overwhelming.

Get rid of the things you do not need such as toys, shoes, clothes, and other things the family does not need anymore. You can even think of organizing a yard sale or you can donate the things to charity. Get the children involved in the process if they are old enough.

2. Clean Up Space

Decluttering Folding Organizing Drawer

Many times organization and storage appear to be impossible as you are practically not aware of what you possess or where you can store it. After you have removed the things you do not need to take some time out for hanging the clothes lying on the floor, putting away the books that never reached the bookshelf, and file all the stray papers.

Apart from opening up the available space, this is a terrific way of identifying the places where the storage alternatives are not functioning correctly. For instance, as you are filing away the papers you will find that you need larger filing cabinets or more folders for accommodating the paperwork. You can also make use of RTA frameless cabinets because they have more space as they do not have a face frame at the front.

Adequate storage is especially essential for organizing your garage. There are many options for installing garage storage like the use of pegboard and hooks. Linen closet organizers are also useful in creating a useful storage space.

3. Identify The Requirements

After you have cleaned up the things that you do not need and cleared up all the mess lying in the way it is time to take a closer look at the things that are remaining. You will find that there are challenges involved in finding storage solutions for every room in the house. You need to find out what they are which in turn will decide the best utilization of time and money.

For instance, you may find out that you have several pairs of shoes lying in the master bedroom closet and there is no way of organizing them. You can have a shoe rack on the floor depending on the closet configuration.

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4. Set Aside a Budget

After you have decided on your requirements such as more shoe racks, shelves, and plastic beans for attic storing or plants for decoration it is time to determine how much you are going to spend on getting these items. Think of extras as well, if you want to grow plants inside you can invest in LED grow lights and be surrounded by beautiful greenery.

These storage items have the habit of becoming expensive quickly if you are not specific about the needs and what you can pay. In case you have a smaller budget you can look for sales, reputable online websites, or secondhand stores that can help you in purchasing these items. There are several other smart hacks you can find online for using the inexpensive household items in the house as a storage place without spending too much money.


Organizing your home within the budget can turn out to be challenging. But, there are good results if you can clean up the available space. Having an organized space can be relaxing and if you can unwind at your residence you are going to fall in love with the house all over again. However, despite the better intentions, the home organization might not result in a tranquil and clean place for a residence that can be enjoyable. Many times when you are attempting to rearrange your belongings it will reveal that it is a good idea to find another home more suitable for your lifestyle. Regardless, when you organize small spaces in your home you won't be wondering where you left that pesky TV remote.

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