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Simple Home Design Ideas in a Post-COVID World


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of people worldwide by altering how often people can socialize and changing their daily routines. In many cases, it has also impacted how people interact with their living spaces. As people throughout the U.S. spend more and more time at home, a few simple home design ideas can help adjust your living spaces so that they’re better suited to your new lifestyle.

Dedicated Spaces for Family Time

Because their children will be home more often, some parents may be interested in easy ways to redistribute space in their home to allow for quality time with their families after they finish working or going to school remotely. You can get rid of piles of clutter and reorganize your garage for more space to roam and play. Additionally, you can repurpose a room within the home for indoor activities by assigning a designated space for play to help your family step away from your laptops and get some downtime. Getting rid of unnecessary items that are taking up space will help you feel more comfortable relaxing and working at home. Another useful and functional post-COVID home design idea that can help your family spend more quality time together is creating a dedicated dining space for meals. Instead of eating separately while watching TV or on a computer, you can gather at a specific table or your kitchen island.

How to Create a Home Office

For the millions of Americans who have made the transition to either temporary or permanent remote work, it's more important than ever to have a dedicated home office that will keep you engaged and productive throughout the day. Designing a home office doesn't have to be complicated. Here are some key tips:

Simple Home Design Ideas in a Post-COVID World
  • Draw up a clear, organized layout 
  • Limit the distractions in the room 
  • Keep the space clean 
  • Have some additional space for taking breaks
  • Try to pick a room that gets some natural light

For couples or people with children, only using part of a room might not cut it. If you have a house with multiple bedrooms, you might be better off using a separate room as a home office because you'll probably need to close the door sometimes to get some privacy and create a quiet environment for meetings. You and your partner should also use different desks so that you're not mixing up important documents and fighting over outlets to charge your computers.

Bring Natural Elements Indoors

If you're used to working in your office's courtyard or traveling to different locations for meetings, it can be difficult to get used to working indoors if you live in an apartment or a home with a small backyard. As mentioned earlier, try to set up your home office in a room with lots of windows to let in more natural light and brighten your space. Several studies have shown that getting some sunlight helps to boost productivity while reducing the likelihood of headaches and eyestrain. Other ways to bring vibrant energy into your workstation include adding textured window treatments, using soft or muted colors, and plushy fabrics (blankets and pillows). Since you'll be in an area that gets sunlight, you can also put a few houseplants on your desk or the windowsill to add some more color.

Move Away From an Open Floor Plan

Many of these suggestions involve designating different areas of your home for specific purposes. As we continue to work, relax, and unwind at home, an open floor plan may become less desirable for many people. If you currently have an open floor plan, it can also be more difficult to break up a large room into different areas. A simple home design idea that you can use to visually separate an open room into sections is furniture. A large bookshelf, a sofa, or even a table and rug can serve as room dividers. For example, if you have a TV in the corner of the room, having an L-shaped sectional sofa can create a visual pocket that makes that area feel separate from the rest of the space. The same goes for a well-placed bookshelf or another piece of furniture that's not directly against a wall.

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