Bin There Dump That Pairs Up With Property Brother

Shiny Green Dumpsters on Property Brothers: Buying and Selling

Everyone’s beloved home improvement brothers are back on the HGTV Network/W Network (in Canada) with their new program, Property Brothers: Buying and Selling.

Filmed in Nashville, our local Bin There Dump That franchise operator, Joey Bossier, provided the Property Brothers all their dumpsters for filming.

Property Brothers: Buying and Selling airs Wednesday nights at 9:00 on HGTV (Canadians should check local listings on W Network).

Bin There Dump That has been providing dumpsters to Property Brothers programming for over 5 years now. From Toronto to Atlanta and everywhere in between, we’re thrilled the Property Brothers allow us to be a part of their programs.

We need your help, watch Property Brothers: Buying and Selling and snap a photo of our shiny green bins when you see them and share them on our Facebook page.

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