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Office Moving Checklist: Tips to Keep in Mind

 (modified Feb 27, 2023)

Whether moving to a larger office or a co-working space, relocating an office is a transformational event for any business. There is excitement that comes with conducting business in a new locale, or moving to an upgraded office.

However, before the excitement sets in, there is the effort-involving task of moving that has to be completed. Considering that you want the business to run uninterrupted, office moving is a task that involves a lot of planning and preparation.

If you are considering moving your office, keep the following tips in mind for a seamless and less stressful process.

1. Set-up a moving team

Office moving is a big project that requires proper coordination for it to be successful. Start by appointing a moving team with each department represented and headed by a project manager to take care of the moving process. The project manager should have top-notch organizational and communication skills. He should also be able to work with budgets to ensure that the expenditure is streamlined with the allocated budget. Having a moving team will ensure that even the smallest details that can easily go unnoticed are taken care of.

2. Plan ahead

Planning early is essential for office relocation to be successful. A good plan will include all the logistics involved. It will show how things are going to be done, by whom and by when they should be done. In addition, ensure that you have a budget allocated to the project. This will curb any overspending and can drive creativity in order to reduce spending. For instance, you can have employees pack up their desk to save on moving costs. Planning also includes searching for an affordable moving company, preparing an inventory list to ensure nothing is left behind, and protecting your data among other nitty-gritties. Planning early will ensure that everything will be ready when the moving day finally arrives.

3. Have the new office ready

office desk and chair

You do not want the operations to stop when you get to the new location that is why the new office should be ready even before you get there. Ensure that water, electricity, phone and other utilities are set up and fully functioning before the move-in date. A visit to the new office should be done ahead of time to measure out the space and figure out the layout and where everything will go. This will help in determining whether you will need to order new furniture so that they are delivered on time.

Before moving to a new location it is a good idea to do a reverse address lookup and check the crime rate of the location so your employees will be safe and secure. If you are moving to a coworking space in Dallas, it is good to note that this can be done for you. Most coworking spaces in Dallas will provide all the furniture that you need and take care of any particular needs that you may have.

4. Communicate

Make sure you communicate early about the move to everyone involved in the business. Inform your staff early and invite any suggestions that they may have. This way you will make them involved in the process and at the same time have them feel valued. Inform the customers and suppliers of the move, this will clarify how their contract will look like after the move. Any service provider such as cleaners and food service providers should be informed in advance of the intended interruption.

5. Make the moving easier

To have easier loading and unloading, ensure that the loading areas in both the current and new office will be available for the movers. Talk to the new building’s management to acquire access to the service elevators and to notify the nearby businesses of possible blocking of parking lots on the day of the move. Considering that everyone will be on the move, sensitive items such as computers and important documents might be left unattended. Ensure there is a security guard to ensure only authorized persons get access to the office.

6. Update the new address

Now that you have a new address, ensure that it is updated everywhere. This includes on your letterhead, business cards, envelopes, return labels, invoices, social media pages and website. Do this before the move to ensure that you have these supplies available when you start business in the new location.

If you're relocating from an office to work from home, you can organize a room to serve as your new home office. Start by clearing things out and fitting them in places like a hallway linen closet or garage storage. Set up your new desk and chair and any drawers near by to keep necessary items closeby, such as pens, paper, staplers, etc.

Office moving is hectic, but with detailed planning and the above tips, you can have a seamless move with minimal business interruption. If you have successfully completed the move, relax and celebrate. Do not forget to thank all the people involved for the effort they put in.

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