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5 Ways To Spend Your Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day weekend is known for welcoming summer, whether it is a backyard barbecue or opening up the summer house. This year is a little different, but don’t it ruin your weekend traditions. Below are suggestions to help you start new traditions with the family and remember the reason for Memorial Day.

Say Thanks to the Veterans

This is a great way to get the entire family involved, whether you have young ones or teens, remind ourselves why we celebrate this day. Take time to say thanks to the veterans. Get creative on how you would like to express your gratitude. Whether it’s writing thank you letters or sharing images in the window or with chalk on the driveway.


Let’s kick off this weekend with a cleanout! Take this weekend to get your home and yard ready for summer! That means decluttering the garage, clean out the yard, and deep cleaning the cupboards. Get your home feeling fresh and clean so that you can focus on enjoying every bit of the warmer weather. Renting a dumpster will allow you to focus on the cleaning and decluttering while the delivery experts takes care of taking your trash to the landfill.

Virtual Tour of the White House

While a road trip or a vacation is not the recommended option during this year’s memorial day long weekend, don’t let it stop you from touring a new place. Take a tour of the white house and enjoy a history lesson on the families that lived before and the art that has been collected.

 Movie Marathon

This weekend, allow yourself to indulge in a movie marathon that remembers the reason why we celebrate Memorial Day. Bring in the family members, popcorn and cozy up to watch a movie. Great way to celebrate family/friends and memorial day! Here are some movie suggestions

  • Saving private Ryan
  • Black Hawk Down
  • The Hurt Locker


This is a fun activity for the whole family. Try a new recipe and do a challenge with friends on who’s turned out the best. Wrap up your fresh baked goods and bring them to family, neighbors, or bring them to your local food bank or share with the less fortunate. Fun and easy recipes include brownies, cheesecake and our favorite cupcakes! Delicious to eat and very fun to decorate.

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