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[Infographic] 6 Most Cluttered Areas Of Your Home


Just when you thought you had all the clutter in your household under control, you open that linen closet and BLAMMO, you discover a clutter magnet zone in your household.

Clutter can collect in spots that are not in sight every day. To that end, these cases may seem, "out of sight, out of mind"; but, before long, you'll need to access the bedroom closet or find something in the linen closet and the clutter will prevent you from doing so. 

In fact, with the help of some great resources and friends, we compiled 6 spots in the household you'll find collect the most clutter and we provide solutions on how to organize them and keep them organized for good! These six hidden clutter spots include: 

  1. Bedroom Closet
  2. The Linen Closet
  3. The Bathroom
  4. The Pantry
  5. The Refrigerator
  6. Junk Drawer

For each of these cluttered spots in the household in the infographic, a solution is detailed to clear the clutter issue and keep them organized. Along the way, you'll also develop some strategies like the, 'one thing in means another thing goes out' tactic that you'll apply to clutter, which will come handy for your next basement or garage cleanout

6 Most Cluttered Areas

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