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Home Design Hacks To Give You More Storage Space


Whether you rent or own, everyone complains about the amount of space available for storage. It’s the bane of kitchenhome or apartment living. Fortunately the world is filled with clever people willing to share their insight and innovation. When it comes to saving space, there’s no end of ideas. Here are a few of our favorites.


Pegboard isn’t just for dad’s workroom anymore. Add some hooks, pegs, baskets, or any number of other touches, and you have convenient and elegant way to save space. We didn’t list pegboard under any specific room because it fits into just about any room. A little creative design and the ubiquitous pegboard can save space in any room.

In the kitchen, hang pots and pans or fruits and vegetables in baskets attached to the pegboard. In a sewing room, scissors, yarn, spools of thread and other items fit perfectly on pegboard. In an office you can make space for pens, papers, electronics…anything you need within arm’s reach.


The pegboard isn’t the only space saving tool for your kitchen. A magnetic bar attached to the inside of a cabinet door or inside a pantry is a great place to hold so metal spice boxes. Attach small magnets to those same containers and stick them to the side of your refrigerator. Feel free to use them to hold up children’s artwork. A magnetic bar on the wall is a great place to hold your knives and other metal kitchen utensils.

Space is often an issue, but there is often more than people realize. Consider the area under a sink. Bottles, sponges, rags and other items cover the bottom of this space, but what about the area above? Place a wooden bar under the sink to hold the many spray bottles you use every day.

Home OfficeKitchen knife set

With more and more people working from home, may former bedrooms are getting turned into home offices. That means a computer, printer, phone, facsimile machine, paper, pens, and a variety of other items.

Computer stations that pull out from small, unused spaces are a great way to save space. And because electronic devices bring electric cord chaos, consider using an empty paper towel roll to stuff the wound cord inside and tame the chaos?


Garages are generally used for two purposes: Keeping cars out of the elements and dumping stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else. On a related note, storing stuff in the garage because you have no place to put it is, well, a problem.

You’ll definitely want to contact your local Bin There Dump That franchise owner to deal with that — but that’s for another article.

With a car tucked safely inside your garage, there is plenty of unused space. Put some shelves on the wall above the hood of your vehicle or along the sides. These are great places to store tools, sports equipment, containers holding out of season clothes, and other materials used only occasionally.

Another nice trick: Attach some hooks to the ceiling, and hang your bicycle from the tires in the off-season.


Closets are their own special kind of space. No one ever complains about having too much space for clothing. Here’s a quick space saver: Loop a soda can pop tab over the neck of a hanger. Use the bottom loop to hook another hanger. Repeat.

Just like kitchen cabinets, the space immediately behind the door is often wasted. A rod attached to the door is a great place to hang ties and scarves. Another way to store those items is to hang several shower-curtain rings from the bottom of a hanger. Instant extra storage!

Options Hidden In Plain Sight

Depending on the layout of your home, there might be a few storage spaces “hidden” in plain sight. Many staircases have space underneath them. A shelving unit or a piece with a few drawers creates plenty of extra room. In some homes, stairways have landings that offer a prime spot for extra storage.

And don’t forget that space under the bed. There are plenty of containers specially made for all sorts of items that slide neatly under the mattresses.

The most important tool you have when it comes to saving space is your imagination. All of the above hacks started with someone combining desperation and inspiration.

One way to increase your storage space, of course, is to limit the amount of stuff you need to store in the first place. A Bin there Dump That dumpster bin is a great way to help you get rid of material you no longer need or want.

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