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How To Make a Distinguished Home With the Right Flooring Materials

 (modified Jan 6, 2023)

Picking flooring for your home can be a challenge. There are more options than ever before these days and it can be hard to choose the right one for you and your family. The best approach is to look at all relevant factors such as the area you’re installing the flooring, whether or not you have pets, the amount of traffic in the room and the climate in the room. We’re going to explore each one as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Traditional Hardwoods

Traditional hardwood hasn't lost any of its appeal in recent decades. Laminates and vinyl plank flooring may do a good job these days of mimicking the look and feel of hardwood, but for many homeowners, there's no substitute for the original. When picking flooring for your home, hardwood has to be in the conversation, but is it the best option for you? Here are some pros and cons to consider before you make your final decision.

laying down hardwood

Hardwood Pros

  • Natural and beautiful lookBuilt to last
  • Available in a range of styles
  • Different types of wood such as Maple, Oak and Cherry

Hardwood Cons

  • Costs more than laminate or vinyl
  • Higher maintenance needs
  • Exposure to moisture will damage it
  • Requires expert installation


Concrete can be a surprisingly versatile flooring option. It’s also a great choice if you’re struggling with how to choose a flooring color for your home because just about every possibility is open to you. Concrete is also highly durable and long-lasting. There’s a great in-depth article on the pros and cons of concrete flooring on The Spruce. It isn’t for everyone, though. Here are some arguments for and against the concrete as a flooring choice.

Standing on Concrete Floor

Concrete Pros

  • Durable and moisture resistant
  • Surprisingly versatile
  • Widely available

Concrete Cons

Laminate Flooring

When you're picking flooring for your home, sometimes you have to give strong consideration to the area's traffic. For a high traffic area, such as a mudroom, laminate is easily one of the best options available to you. Top-quality laminate can have the look of traditional hardwood, but it's more resistant to scratches and gouges. It's also available in various options to match different wood styles, colors and textures to fit any room or decor.

Choosing the right flooring and style for the room is essential, and this article by This Old House does a great job of explaining why. Laminate is one of the most versatile options on the market today, and it's also relatively easy to install, making it a great DIY project. Here are the pros and cons to consider before deciding if laminate is suitable for you.

Laminate Pros

  • Quality laminate is durable
  • Resists scratches and gouges
  • Available in a range of styles and colors
  • Can replace tile or hardwood

Laminate Cons

  • Inexpensive laminate can chip over time
  • Feels hard underfoot
  • Excessive moisture can damage it
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Vinyl Flooring

Over the last decade, vinyl flooring has continued to improve quality, leading to a significant increase in its popularity. If you’re picking new flooring for your home, modern vinyl flooring is worth serious consideration. It’s a versatile material and comes in countless options in sheets, tiles and plank. Vinyl tiles are an excellent option for kitchens, and vinyl plank can easily replace hardwood or laminate.

For basement playrooms or bathrooms, vinyl sheet flooring may be your ideal solution. If you’re stuck on how to choose the color of flooring for your home, no other material gives you a more excellent range of options. Below are the benefits and drawbacks of choosing vinyl flooring for your home.

Vinyl Pros

  • Easy install great for DIY projects
  • Durable and versatile
  • Highly resistant to moisture
  • Budget-friendly

Vinyl Cons

  • Look lacks the appeal of hardwood or ceramic
  • May warp over time
  • Not environmentally friendly


While not as popular as it used to be, you can’t leave carpet out of the discussion when picking flooring for your home. It still has a great deal of appeal, and there’s no other material that can match it for comfort and softness. It is also hard to maintain, though, prone to stains, and it will wear over the years.

Carpet on wood floor

Carpet Pros

  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Warm and inviting
  • Available in a range of colors and styles

Carpet Cons

  • It can be difficult to remove
  • Removal can create waste disposal challenge
  • Prone to stains and wear

Ceramic Tile

If you want to add a touch of class to your home, it's hard to think of a better way to do it than installing top-quality ceramic tile. It's available in an impressive range of styles, colours and sizes. You'll often find it in bathrooms and kitchens because it's durable and does a great job resisting moisture.

If you have pets and children, ceramic tile is an excellent choice because it's easy to clean after any spills or accidents and usually won't cause any long-term damage. Here are some things to consider.

Laying down tiles

Ceramic Tile Pros

  • Extremely durable
  • Available in a wide range of styles and colors
  • Highly resistant to stains
  • Easy to clean

Ceramic Tile Cons

  • Hard surface with little give
  • Can feel cold underfoot
  • Grouting may need replacing over time
  • Higher maintenance requirements

Flooring FAQ’s

Should Floors be Darker or Lighter than Walls?

Generally speaking, your floors should be a darker color than your walls. It will make the room more appealing and make it seem larger.

What are the Points to Consider when Choosing Flooring?

There are many considerations to think about when picking flooring for your home. These include aesthetic appeal, comfort, durability, exposure to moisture and the traffic the flooring will be exposed to over time.

Should Flooring be the Same Throughout the House?

While nothing is stopping you from using the same flooring throughout your home, there are some excellent reasons why you may want to choose different flooring for different rooms. For example, hardwood may look great in your living room, but it doesn’t do well-repelling moisture, so you’ll want to avoid its use in the bathroom.

How do I Choose Floor Color?

When choosing your flooring, consider the color of your walls. A few other things to consider are the colours throughout your home, the size of your rooms, and, of course, what you and your family find appealing. Everyone has different tastes, so the final decision is bound to be a bit subjective.

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