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Dumpster Rental Comparison: What Makes Us Different?


When you buy a car, book a hotel room, or order a cheeseburger, you want to know what makes your choice the right one.

It's no different when you're looking for a dumpster rental company. What qualities make a company stand above the rest?

Do you want an average cheeseburger? Heck, no. You want the one stuffed with pepper jack cheese, smothered with bourbon barbecue sauce and topped with fried onions and pickled jalapenos.

Trying to compare dumpster rental companies? Here are 12 ways Bin There Dump That is different from your average dumpster rental company. You can almost taste those pickled jalapenos…

Real People Answer the Phone

When you call your local Bin There Dump That to arrange a bin rental, you'll speak with a local franchise operator – not an automated system. And the friendly communication continues throughout your experience. Questions along the way? Just ask.

Expect questions from us, too. A good dumpster rental company asks plenty of questions about your needs and your project, to help you decide on just the right size bin.

To wrap things up, your local operator will call you to confirm a convenient pickup time on the last day of the rental.

Easy Access Walk-In Doors

You won't fully appreciate this feature until you're grunting your way to your dumpster bin, bent under the load of that old basement couch.

Heave it up over the side of the bin? That's preposterous. Walk it right in, through our easy-access double doors.

Not every dumpster company offers this back-saving feature. You can count on it here.

No Hidden Fees

Some companies include hidden charges that customers don't discover until it's too late.

Bin There Dump That has no hidden fees. You'll know up front exactly what you'll pay for the service – before you sign on the dotted line.

Our Bins Fit Right In

Bin There Dump That bins are driveway friendly, designed for homeowners.

Bin There Dump That bins are driveway friendly, designed for homeowners. That means they tuck right up in your driveway near your house, for convenient loading. We can fit down narrow city streets lined with parked cars with ease.

Our compact bins comply with most HOA rules and can fit into alleys and tight spaces. Chances are, you can still park your car in your garage while the bin is there.

We Sweep Up

Your dumpster is loaded up with all that unwanted clutter and the driver is ready to haul it all away. Oh, joy!

But first, our drivers grab a broom and give your driveway a thorough sweep, so you don't have to worry about stray nails, glass shards or scraps of wood sneaking into your lawn, getting stuck in a tire or puncturing your bare foot.

You'll also notice a tarp covers the bin as your driver pulls away. That debris will stay put.

Your Property is Safe with Us

We care about your property and there's no reason you should have any property damage from a dumpster rental. That's why our operators place protective wooden boards on your driveway before they put the dumpster in place.

This helps distribute the weight of the bin evenly, and protects your driveway from any scratches or gouges.

Contents are Promptly Delivered to the Landfill

When the time comes to say goodbye to your dumpster, the contents you've discarded are taken directly to a landfill or a transfer station. It's not left in some random, unattended parking lot, at risk of getting sifted through by sketchy individuals.

Don't Worry — We're Covered

Bin There Dump That operators are thoroughly insured, so you can rest assured that any damage or injury incurred on your property by the rental company is covered.

Relax — No Rushing Necessary

Big clean-out or home remodeling projects can be stressful. You don't need more stress about how long to keep your dumpster. So relax. Bin There Dump That franchisees usually charge on a 5-7 day basis and then on a per-day basis if you need the bin longer.

Our Operators are Local — Just Like You

Bin There Dump That operators are local business people who pride themselves on customer service.

If you Google “dumpster bins,” you may end up connecting with a broker service – not a local bin company owner. That means you'll pay more than you need to, if the service takes a cut. Worst of all, you might be talking to a marketing professional, who knows nothing about the dumpster rental industry.

Bin There Dump That operators are local business people who pride themselves on customer service and their solid reputation.

Need a Bin Last Minute? Just Ask

If you need a bin at the last minute, give us a call. If we can, we'll accommodate same-day delivery requests. We're nice that way.

But if possible, give us some notice. We appreciate it.

Our Bins are Practically Pretty

You don't want a huge, rusty, smelly old dumpster in your driveway. You have your reputation to think of, right?

Bin There Dump That bins are clean and professional. And we have clean, professional, courteous drivers to match.

We promise not to embarrass you.

When You Need a Bin, Give Us a Call

Need more than 12 reasons? Call a Bin There Dump That operator near you. They'll be happy to convince you that we make the whole dumpster rental process so easy and efficient, you'll have time to grab that pickled jalapeno cheeseburger.

Find out EVERYTHING you need to know about renting a dumpster bin.

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