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Do Rental Dumpster Bins Have A Weight Limit? How Much Is Too Much?


Do Rental Dumpster Bins Have A Weight Limit? How Much Is Too Much?For all our freedoms today, there are a lot of limits placed on us. Roads have speed limits. Sales executives have spending limits. Bridges have height and weight limits. Computers have limits to their memory. Even light has limit: 186,242 miles per second (299,792,458 meters per second).

And when it comes to clearing out the junk from your life, you might wonder if there is a limit to how much you can dump into a bin. The answer is: It depends on from where you’re ordering your bin.

So the question is, “If I load a bin with very heavy materials, will it cost me more?” It’s a simple question, but the answer is a bit more challenging — not one-size-fits-all, so to speak.

There is some flexibility in the pricing structure for each franchise operator, and a number of factors go into the final price customers pay for the bins they order. Among the factors that might be considered are size of the bin and possibly the weight of the filled bin.

It should be noted: Whoever you rent your dumpster from should discuss all fees up front. At Bin There Dump That, there are no hidden fees./p>

Ask Questions

Because franchises have different pricing structures, we recommend every customer spend some time asking questions. Some franchise operators use “all in” fees while others use “bin plus weight” to set the costs. It’s in the best interests of the customer to clarify that pricing structure.

If there is a weight limit, tell your franchise operator the type of project you plan to use the bin for and the materials you will be placing in the bin. With that information they can advise you on the size of the bin you’re likely to need and the expected weight of your project’s contents.. For a frame of reference, dumpster contents from a home renovation or remodel projects typically weigh about 1 tonne.

Unfortunately, unless you own your own industrial scale and a small crane, you’re not likely to be able to discern the running weight of the materials you dump in a bin. However, our franchise operators have a good deal of experience with a variety of projects — whether you’re cleaning out a few rooms, adding a garage, clearing out a garden or gutting your entire home.

When you’re done filling the bin, drivers take the contents to the landfill or transfer station, where it will be weighed. If, by chance the materials exceed the weight limit, the customer pays for the extra weight, but, again, this is communicated to customers when they are placing their order.

Away It Goes

Do Rental Dumpster Bins Have A Weight Limit? How Much Is Too Much?Bins can take a variety of materials — anything that’s not hazardous, really. (Here’s a handy list of forbidden items!) Of course, different materials fit into a bin in different ways. Furniture and wood scraps are far less uniform than dirt and small scraps.

When a bin is loaded fairly evenly, it makes picking up and loading the bin a bit easier. We encourage our customers to fill to level loads, but our trained drivers certainly know how to keep your property safe. And rest assured, all loads are covered with a tarp and strapped down. Debris will never fly out of a departing Bin There Dump That truck.

Start Asking Questions Now!

To find out the right size bin for your project and whether or not you’re likely to exceed any weight limits, order a bin from your local franchise operator. Find the franchise operator nearest you on our website.

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