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Four Ways Decluttering Can Create a Happy Home

 (modified Aug 4, 2022)

Especially during these unprecedented times, more people are spending a significant amount of time at home. While it may be difficult to keep up with organization with busy families and at-home work schedules, decluttering can make a big difference in the way the home feels. Those with extra time right now may consider going through their belongings, even if it's just one closet at a time. Here are a few ways that removing the clutter can help individuals and families create happier homes.

Create Mental Space

Sometimes, claustrophobia can have a mental impact, too. People often don't realize it, but feeling stuck or closed in by their surroundings can lead to restlessness and anxiety that can leave them feeling unsettled, nervous, and stressed. With the COVID-19 pandemic's strong impact on daily life, many are experiencing mental and emotional struggles as it is, and a messy home may be negatively contributing to their condition. Picking up clutter, wiping surfaces, and sorting through storage areas can help physically remove items that cause mental distress. Homeowners and renters can open up their homes to help clear up some much-needed mental space.

Remove Physical Obstacles

Too much clutter can also present a physical hazard that can be dangerous, especially to young children and individuals with mobility issues. Stacks of boxes, books, and other belongings can easily fall and cause injury, and limited walking space can make exiting the home during an emergency more difficult. Decluttering can help prevent accidents and make the home more navigable, and a residential dumpster rental can help streamline the process.organized and tidy bookcase

Accomplish Something Productive

While many are working from home and caring for young children right now, shutdowns and isolation make cabin fever a common struggle. It can be hard for people to feel like they're getting anything important done when they're not able to leave their homes for more than what they need, and the monotonous routine can make days feel very long. Spending some time cleaning closets and organizing toy rooms can leave declutterers with a sense of accomplishment and pride in caring for their home.

Help Those in Need

Donating to charity is always a good idea, but it's particularly important during times of need. Parents can also take this opportunity to get children involved in giving and teaching them to help those who aren't as fortunate. Each family member can start with their own room, organizing and putting away what they wish to keep, throwing away broken or worn out items, and making a donation pile for things that can be dropped off at local charities. Renting a dumpster can make the process of garbage disposal even easier, especially for the larger items that can't be picked up by regular garbage collection services.

While it may seem like an unwelcome chore, decluttering your home can actually help you and your family thrive mentally, emotionally, and physically. By working together to make your home cozier, help those in need, and be productive, you can make the experience fun and enjoyable for everyone. If you're ready to start decluttering your Valparaiso home, Bin There Dump That can help you choose the right size dumpster for your needs, deliver it to your driveway, and pick it up promptly as soon as you're ready. Contact us today at 574-892-5554 to schedule your dumpster rental.

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