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Can I Share My Dumpster Rental?


Some things are made for sharing: a delicious dessert, a two-seater bike and even your dumpster rental.

If you need to rent a bin for a home or yard project, chances are your neighbors could use one, too. So why not get a dumpster you can all use?

Here are some tips for sharing your dumpster rental.

When To Share A Roll-Off Dumpster

Sharing a bin can be a great way to meet the people around you, whether it’s just your next-door neighbor or the entire street.

There are several times renting a dumpster to share can be useful. For example, you can all use the bin for a spring cleaning day. Enjoy the warmer temperatures by throwing out old clothes, furniture and other junk.

You can even use your roll-off dumpster rental for a neighborhood landscape renovation. Whether you’re trimming bushes, pulling dead trees or cleaning up trash, you can put all of those items in the bin.

If there’s a bad storm that knocks down limbs and other debris, you could also share a dumpster to collect the fallen branches.

To make the process easy for everyone, find a convenient spot to put the bin, such as your driveway or yard. Your neighbors can also use their trucks and cars to carry heavier items to the dumpster.

Once you all finish using the dumpster, do something to relax, like have a community grill out. Each family can bring food and drinks — which you’ll definitely need after a long day of work.

Are There Extra Costs?

There’s no extra charge if more than one person uses your dumpster, and we often encourage it.

plan ahead if you share your dumpster rental with neighborsOne person is responsible for paying the dumpster operator, but others can chip in and give that person money toward the rental. Once you talk with the franchisee about how much the bin will cost, calculate how much that will be per family.

If you need to move the bin from your house to another one, there’s normally a moving or “hook” fee. That ranges from $50 to $100 depending on the location.

We’ll tarp the bin when it’s ready to be moved, preventing items from flying out during the transport.

How To Contact Neighbors

If you’re planning to share the bin with multiple neighbors, you’ll need to plan and let everyone know ahead of time.

You can send everyone an email if you have a contact list from your homeowner association. Another option is to go door to door asking if they want to participate. You can also put up a sign advertising the dumpster event and ask neighbors to email or call you if they want to be involved.

In addition to telling them about the event, explain the pricing structure of the rental. Mention there will be extra charges if you go over the maximum weight.

You should also let them know what they can and can’t put in the bin. Most landscape and home items are fine. But you can’t throw out household hazardous waste, which includes items like batteries, aerosol cans, leftover paint, tires and pesticides.

Reserve Your Dumpster Rental

Once you figure out when and where you want the dumpster rental, contact your local franchise operator.

Let them know if you’re going to want to move the bin from one house to another, and they’ll make sure it’s there on time. You don’t have to be there for them to move the bin.

They can also help you figure out what size bin will work best for your needs.

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