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6 Unexpected Dumpster Rental Costs


The Often Hidden Cost of Doing Business
Caveat emptor (buyer beware). Read the fine print. Hidden fees.

Even the most savvy shoppers sometimes get caught by unexpected charges on their bill.

There’s nothing wrong with a company making a profit — that’s what they’re in business for. We don’t think anyone would (or could) dispute that. The question becomes how businesses go about turning that profit.

Have you ever listened to a commercial on the radio and then at the end a guy comes on and reads a disclaimer, which in the last three seconds has more words in it than the rest of the commercial did in the first 27 seconds? What is it they’re trying to hide? It’s the same concept that turns a $129 hotel room into one that really costs $159 a night.

Many companies hide charges from their customers springing fees on them after the fact. Companies might push them off as the “cost of doing business,” which while technically true, creates ill will with customers.

Bin There Dump That has no hidden fees. Though our franchise operators do charge some of the dumpster rental fees described below, they are communicated ahead of time.

Here are six costs you'll find in dumpster rental prices near you that many customers might not expect — but will definitely know about before they begin their rental.

Fee #1: Extra Tonnage

Unless you’re filling a bin with cinder blocks, you’ll likely be hard pressed to exceed the usually 1 tonne (1.1 tons) limit for most smaller-sized bins. While there is no way for customers to weigh their bins (unless you have your own crane and truck scale) working with your bin provider can help ensure you don’t exceed any weight restrictions. Bin There Dump That franchise operators have a great deal of experience and guide you on the right size bin for your project.

Fee #2: Fuel Surcharges

The Often Hidden Cost of Doing Business
Unless you walk or ride a bike everywhere (and if you do, good for you), you’ve probably noticed the general uptick in gas prices. As gas prices inch toward $4 a gallon, anyone involved in delivering a product or service, which is, well, nearly everyone, has added a fuel surcharge. For customers beyond a certain distance from the office it makes sense, but it’s only fair if the customer knows this up front.

Fee #3: Extra Days

No matter how reasonable our intentions, life often intrudes on our plans: The bin is delivered, and then something happens that pushes back the start of the project. If you need to hang onto the bin for an extra day or two, it may cost you extra  — but your Bin There Dump That franchise operator will let you know up front how much before the bin arrives.

Fee #4: Hook Fee

Franchise operators work with customers to make sure that the bins are dropped off in a safe and convenient place (we also ensure there will be no damage to your driveway). Sometimes a customer will decide that they want a bin moved — not taken away. That’s a hook fee.

Fee #5: Sorting Fees

Often, materials placed in a bin must be sorted before they can be properly disposed of. If this is the case customers should be notified up front.

Fee #6: Charges For Banned Materials

There are just a few materials that are not allowed in a bin. It’s not that Bin There Dump That or other companies are being difficult. It’s simply that we’re forbidden from taking those items. (For a list of forbidden materials, visit here). If someone tries to sneak a forbidden item into a bin, an extra fee might be involved.

Ready To Get Started?

Talk to your local franchise operator to find out exactly what size bin you’ll need and exactly what the dumpster rental cost will be to complete your clean up.

When you’re ready to get started on your project, visit the Bin There Dump That website to find the franchise operator nearest you.

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