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6 Tips For Carrying Heavy Objects To Your Dumpster Rental


dumpster rental placement is important when carrying heavy objects

Getting your unwanted furniture, appliances, large boxes and other heavy objects from inside your home to your dumpster rental outside can seem like a daunting task.

But with the proper safety precautions, help and equipment, you can take some of that pressure — and weight — off of you.

Here are six tips for carrying heavy objects to your dumpster rental.

Create a Path

Before you start carrying objects outside, you need to figure out the easiest way to get outside and the best location for your dumpster rental.

Once you figure out the path you'll take, move any obstacles that could get in your way. That includes boxes, furniture or other loose items. You also need to move rugs or anything else that could cause you to trip.

If you will have to carry the objects up or down stairs in your path, have someone spot you to tell you when you are getting near the steps.

Use Gear and Equipment

Dropping heavy objects can lead to damage or injury. So, wear and use tools that will help you better carry the items and make your job easier.

You can get a more secure hold on things with tacky-grip moving gloves. They will keep items from slipping out of your hands.

For large items like furniture or appliances, you can put sliders on the bottom of them so that you can push — instead of carry — the objects.

Having a hand truck will also take some of the weight off of you. Make sure to strap and secure the item to the truck before transporting it.

Prevent Injuries


Lifting heavy items can wreak havoc on your back if you do it incorrectly.

You should use your legs to prevent pulling or straining anything. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, tighten your abs and bend your knees in a squatting position.

Don't bend over when you lift, and look up while lifting. That will help reduce the possibility of spine injury. Wearing a back brace or support can also help prevent hurting yourself.

After you have the object off of the ground, keep it close to your body, with your back straight. Move slowly, and keep from jerking or going too fast.

If you need to sit the item down, return to the same squatting position, keeping your back straight.

Make It Lighter

Carrying heavy objects can be difficult, even when you use all of the right techniques. So, do anything you can to make the items weigh less.

You can take drawers out of dressers or cabinets, carrying them separately. If it comes apart, remove any pieces to make it easier to transport.

Ask for Help

get help from someone else when carrying heavy objects to the dumpster rental

One of the most important things you need to do when carrying heavy objects to the dumpster is getting help from someone else.

Large piece of furniture, heavy boxes or appliances are at least a two-person job. It's also good to have another person spot you both and let you know if you're approaching steps or other obstacles.

Avoid Extra Work

Why exert more energy than you have to?

With Bin There Dump That's dumpster rentals, you can walk straight into the bin and place the item down. You don't have to lift the object over the sides.

So, the next time you have heavy objects to throw out, contact your local franchise operator to schedule a time for them to deliver one.

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